McDonald and Dodds: Jason Watkins admits he’s ‘too similar’ to DS Dodds

McDonald and Dodds drive to meet Max Crockett

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McDonald and Dodds originally aired last year with just two feature-long episodes starring actress Tala Gouveia and Jason Watkins in the leading roles. Fans of the lighthearted ITV drama called for more episodes to be made and its creators heard with the show getting renewed shortly after series one. McDonald and Dodds is now back for its second season with another lot of challenging investigations to crack.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from McDonald and Dodds.

McDonald and Dodds returned last week, Sunday, February 28, for the first episode of series two.

This particular instalment was filled with guest stars including Martin Kemp, Patsy Kensit and Rob Brydon.

Someone was killed after a group of old friends met up for a hot air balloon ride but when one of the ropes started to loosen, someone fell to their death.

But was it really an accident or did someone push the man out of the basket?

How is Jason Watkins similar to Dodds? 

Watkins is probably one of Britain’s most recognisable and diverse actors.

He has starred in a plethora of shows over the years, including Trollied, The Crown, Des, Hold the Sunset, The Lost

Honour of Christopher Jefferies and Line of Duty.

So it didn’t come as too much of a surprise when McDonald and Dodds turned out to be a hit with Watkins co-leading the cast.

Even though the 54-year-old portrays a detective who is more accustomed to a life of puzzles and train spotting, Watkins can relate to his character on various levels.

Speaking to about the similarities, Watkins explained: “There’s too much of me in there in Dodds unfortunately.

“I’m quite cautious I suppose and then I can occasionally be quite reckless.

“I’m quite superempirical, ‘A+B=C’ and all that kind of stuff, I’m not sort of a jump and see what happens.

“It’s the Cartesian vs the empirical and I’m as empirical as Dodds perhaps.”

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Watkins continued: “And I don’t bang my own drum particularly, I’m not one of those people.

“And I like that, I like being effective but not having to bang the drum in someone’s face to say ‘look at me’, maybe there’s a bit of that in me.

“I think he’s a bit older than me and I keep saying that but the evidence suggests that I’m about the right age!”

McDonald and Dodds will return for the second episode of series two this weekend.

This episode will be entitled We Need To Talk About Doreen, which will see a group of women venture to Bath for a weekend away to celebrate someone’s birthday.

However, the trip ends in disaster as one of the party guests is murdered.

Actress Sharon Rooney, best known for My Mad Fat Diary, will play the titular character Doreen.

McDonald and Dodds is available to watch on ITV.

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