Meghan Markle mocked Too busy with interviews to be like Kate

Backstage With Katherine Ryan: Prime Video teases series

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Jonathan Ross is joined by Katherine Ryan, Craig David, Oti Mabuse, Matthew Modine, Josh Jones and Wet Leg on Saturday. Comedian Katherine, who is pregnant with her third child, makes a cheeky dig at Meghan Markle as she opens up on her plans for a home birth on the ITV show.

Katherine tells the host: “I’m very good at having babies quickly. I nearly had my 13-year-old daughter in a mini cab. 

“For my son Fred who’s 17 months now, we booked in at this fancy London hospital where Princess Diana had her babies, where Kate Middleton had her babies, where Meghan Markle could have had her babies but she didn’t… she was busy, booking 15 interviews about privacy that day. I like her a lot. 

“We were only at the hospital 9 minutes. So I might as well have it at home. 

“My husband’s not completely on board, he’s a little bit squeamish. I’ve told him, ‘I can talk you through it, it’s going to be fine.’”

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She adds: “I do have a midwife. This baby is coming soon, it’s getting cold, I don’t know if it’s going to snow. 

“If anyone gets stuck in traffic I’m prepared to do it myself, Jonathan.” 

The comedian goes onto share her admiration for midwives.

Katherine continues: “I’d love to be a midwife in a different life. I respect them so much, nurses, midwives. If I’m ever clever enough in my retirement, I want to be at the very least a doula.”

During the interview, Katherine reflects on her childhood growing up in Canada. 

“I had orthodontics, my jaw was pushed out, I had a massive gap between my teeth…,” she says. 

“This was back when bullying was cool. So I had a hard time but it was very formative.”

She later adds: “I think I definitely was more of a people pleaser when I was younger. I think we all get to this point of maturity, where you go, ‘I’d like everyone to love me and I want to make people happy, but at the end of the day, I’m not responsible if they don’t.’ 

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“My mother said, ‘If we all liked the same thing, we’d all be married to your father.’” 

The comedian adds: “I think it’s important for young people to know your favourite person gets trolled. People don’t like them. I used to read online, ‘I hate Beyonce’. 

“I used to think, ‘Wow if someone can hate Beyonce, it’s OK if everyone at my school hates me.’” 

She goes onto speak about her latest project with Romesh Ranganathan.

The comedians star in Sky comedy drama Romantic Getaway about a couple who are struggling to conceive. 

Katherine explains: “Romesh Ranganathan has written this incredible show for Sky called Romantic Getaway, it’s like a heist action Bonnie and Clyde comedy where he and I are married, but we can’t have children and we can’t afford IVF. 

“So we decide to rob his boss. But it actually snowballs and we do one crime and then many more crimes.” 

The Jonathan Ross Show airs on ITV1 and ITV HUB on Saturday at 10.10pm.

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