'Moesha' Fans Are Noticing How Kim's Character Was Changed for 'The Parkers'

When a show gets a spinoff there might be some unexpected changes. Moesha fans are watching the 90’s show on Netflix. Many are noticing how Kim (Countess Vaughn)’s personality was changed once she was moved to The Parkers.

‘The Parkers’ is a spinoff of ‘Moesha’

The Parkers followed Kim and her mother, Nikki’s (Mo’Nique) life together as they go to college. Some fans didn’t realize until recently that the show is a spinoff of Moesha.

Kim was Moesha’s (Brandy Norwood) good friend in high school. She was still very flirtatious and fans unhappily noticed other characters like to fat shame her. Kim still persisted and was genuinely funny so it’s not surprising she got her own show.

Moesha made it to five seasons, but Vaughn left after season 4. She then starred on The Parkers.

Brandy Norwood and Countess Vaughn didn’t get along

The actors actually didn’t get along in real life. Norwood told Vibe that Vaughn was jealous of her.

“I think she’s very funny, very talented,” she said. “I just feel like she wants to be in the position I’m in. People tell her, ‘You’re the reason why the show’s successful.’ And she’s told me that before.”

She continued, “And she’s called me a b*tch—to my face. She said, ‘I’m the reason why the show is successful, b*tch’ in front of a lot of people. And I looked at her like, ‘Wow.’ I couldn’t say nothing about her because I wasn’t about to. She knows. She wakes up and looks at herself in the mirror and gets disgusted. I don’t.”

Vaughn later posted an apology to Norwood on Instagram. “At the end of the day I had to learn in [sic] find myself why not be friends when we’re both talented, Why call you names when your [sic] just an amazing person? I’m proud of you for being you and working to rise to the best you inside of you. You are an amazing being with amazing God-given capacity,” she wrote.

Fans noticed Kim’s character was changed

Fans are noticing how Kim’s character was from Moesha to The Parkers. It seems like Kim was “dumbed down” for the new comedy show.

“It’s kind of messed up how they made Kim so dumb on #TheParkers because she was nothing like that on #Moesha,” one fan tweeted.

“I just realized that they dumbed down Kim Parker so much for The Parkers #Moesha,” another fan tweeted.

“Watching Moesha and I just wanna know why they made Kim so dumb on the Parkers because she was not like that,” a third fan tweeted.

Kim needed many basic things explained to her on The Parkers. This change was most likely for comedic purposes. It looks like some fans liked the old Kim better.

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