Naga Munchetty asks Alan Carr are you getting bored of me? as chat cut short

BBC Breakfast's Naga Munchetty quipped at Alan Carr during an interview on his weekly Life's a Beach podcast, asking the comedian "are you bored of me?"

Naga questioned whether Alan was getting "bored" of her as he tried to bring their interview to an end due to running out of time.

Naga and Alan chatted about everything travel-related on the podcast, from disastrous destinations to airplane antics but as time was getting on, Alan had tried call it a day.

Alan said: "Now we're going to finish now…"

Then the breakfast star said: "You're bored of me already?!" she exclaimed, "That was like the shortest flight ever!"

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Getting in a flap, Alan tried to explain himself, saying: "But that's how long we go for! It's always 30- 35 seconds…"

Then Naga added: "Bringing a whole new meaning to the work short haul!"

During the conversation, Naga opened up about a disastrous accident during her honeymoon that led the comedian wincing.

Revealing the couple had booked water sports activity on their romantic getaway, she began: "Got it not the water in Mauritius and it is a beautiful sea.

"It's in the Indian Ocean, it's warm… not for me it wasn't!

"So I get into the water on the second day – picked up waterskiing brilliantly, I loved it!" she added, beaming.

"Thought, 'I'm getting a bit of exercise, but of exhilaration, adrenaline going etc.'"Hung onto the pontoon and there were barnacles on the spot underneath…"

At this point, Alan was cringing almost knowing how the gruesome tale was going to end, wincing while imagining her pain as he listened.

Naga continued: "I didn't realise, slashed my leg, decided not to tell anyone, did my waterskiing around for about 15-20 minutes, came off, blood gushing from my leg."

And it didn't heal on its own either, having to take a trip to the local hospital, as she added: "I had to have little mini stitches!

"For the rest of the honeymoon, I couldn't do any more water sports, so I literally had to sit on the beach or go to the tea plantation or whatever. I was a bit bored!"

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