Netflix The Wrong Missy: Secrets from behind the scenes of bizarre David Spade film

Netflix’s The Wrong Missy has been an enormous hit on the streaming platform this week, proving people in lockdown are desperate for a comedy fix and some escapism. What better way to achieve this than in the form of a bizarre David Spade film made by King of Comedy Adam Sandler’s production company? Well it made it into the top 10 so something worked. But it turns out the lead actor faced some “tricky” moments when filming that home-cinema viewers won’t be privy to.

Adam Sandler’s production company Happy Madison productions has helmed the movie, and stars the former’s friend in David Spade.

The comic genius takes a back-seat to his co-star Lauren Lapkus, who truly steals the scene in the hilarious plot-gone-wrong caper.

And as a result, he really struggled to find his footing with his character, a serious and cantankerous human who ends up botching a planned trip by inviting the wrong girl. Cue some crazy theatrics.

Speaking in a Jo Blo interview alongside his co-star Nick Swardson, he explained how the job was more difficult than his usual roles.

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“First of all, Lauren being so funny was a big help because most of it is her and then me reacting,” the actor began.

“But I’m trying to keep it together by giving good reactions so you can try to get a laugh off of Lauren and me.

“With Nick, he’s saying crazy things; I’m trying to get a laugh on my end and then go back to Nick.

“So, you try to double up like that and be ‘the voice of sanity’ in the movie.”

The star continued: “But it’s definitely a tricky thing for me to play for me.

“It’s not my thing I do.

“I’m usually such, uh, thirsty for attention,” Spade laughed.

“Have you seen his Instagram?” Swardson chimed in. “Good Lord.


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“Hey everyone, remember me?” the actor teased his co-star.

“Hey guys, remember me from 20 minutes ago? I’m still here!” Spade agreed.

The Wrong Missy is available to stream on Netflix now. 

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