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A NEW Love Island feud has been revealed after Molly Marsh and Zach Noble hit out at their co-stars with a savage swipe.

The loved-up pair, who placed fourth on this year's summer series, certainly didn't hold back when they voiced their opinions on a recent podcast.

Molly, 21, and Zach, 25, recently jetted off to New York and during their time in the US they appeared on the Skinny But Not Fat podcast.

Host Amanda Hirsch confessed that she got the feeling that some of their co-stars weren't routing for them as a couple.

Zach replied: "No they weren't."

Molly added: “No. I definitely got a sense of that.

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"Because as the challenges went along we got a lot of game player comments, but we just stuck to ourselves and said we know ourselves more than anybody and we know what we’ve got is so real and so strong and I’m going to block out those comments."

Whitney Adebayo's comment about Zach calling Molly the "easy option" after she pied him was also brought up.

Molly explained: "Whitney did explain it to me but it was one of those things where I was like 'ok lets just leave this and put it to bed.'

"I never want to get into drama. It’s your problem not mine."

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Zach added: “People having such strong opinions always confused me anyway.

"I don’t have an opinion on your s**t. Why do you have an opinion on ours?"

It comes after Molly broke her silence on the feud with the rest of the Love Island girls.

She revealed they confronted her but it was never aired.

Molly explained that she would just take herself off to have a "breather".

She explained on the podcast: "I knew it would be difficult because at home I don’t have a group of girlfriends so I knew going into it I would struggle.

"When I got there I settled and got along, I didn’t have that one friend I just got along. I would take myself off to the pool and try and sunbathe, have a breather. If I didn’t do that I would have lost it.

"Would the others ask why don’t you hang out with us more? Yes, but then they got to know that was just me.

"I kind of expected that, I expected that, it is what it is. It’s probably best I’m not there. No, I expected that."

She also took a swipe on her co-star Mitchel Taylor.

Molly and Mitch were put together by the public on day one, and although the pair seemed to hit it off straight away, Molly wasn't feeling it.

The theatre performer later coupled up with Zach.

Speaking about the situation on the podcast, Molly said: "Day one we had an instant connection which was like unheard of it was weird, I think it was one of those northern things.

"We're both from up north – there is a difference connection with people from up north."

She continued: "Then it became a lot so quick and all the girls around me 'were like are you okay, you need to take step back', and I can feel that but I just don't know how to in a place where stepping back feels strange, you are meant to carry on, keep going on.

"Yeah at the beginning there was an attraction. It started to become unattractive, it became very unattractive very quick, it was too much, so much pressure, it was overwhelming."

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Host Amanda mentioned that she was happy that Molly "got out alive".

Molly replied: "Yeah."

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