Normal People cast gush that sex scenes were ‘a joy’ after BBC bosses drafted in ‘intimacy coordinator’ – The Sun

NORMAL People actors have gushed about filming sex scenes in the new series.

Sex scenes are notoriously awkward for cast and crew alike but the BBC hired an "intimacy coordinator" to change all that.

Based on the wildly popular 2018 novel of the same name by Sally Rooney, Normal People is filled with awkward, but relatable sex scenes.

It became the job of Ita O'Brien to make sure that not only were they realistic when adapted to the small screen, but that shooting them was comfortable for all involved.

Ita who has worked as an intimacy coordinator on shows such as, Gangs of London and Sex Education, explained that while her work might sound dry, it's really important.

She told The Guardian: “Daisy, Paul and I would talk through where they could touch each other, where they could kiss each other – as an example, in the early scenes Daisy had to wear a wig, so she had a rule about Paul not running fingers through her hair.

“While that might sound banal, it is really important because an actor doesn’t want to have to worry about that while filming sex, they want to be relaxed.”

Paul and Daisy couldn't agree more and said working with Ita was a joy.

“Brilliant … it was her job to worry about how it would work and we just turned up, did the choreography and carried on,” Daisy said.

But series director Lenny Abrahamson felt jealous of the relationship Ita managed to build with the actors.

He said: “I thought the most subtle and important moments would be between me and the actors.”

Ita has worked in this job for about six years and has become a pioneer in the industry, especially in Britain.

The series features an impressive cast and kicks off tonight at 9pm on BBC One and the whole series will be available to binge-watch in one go on BBC iPlayer after the first episode has aired.

Normal People, which is set in a small town in Ireland, is a romantic drama series which tells the story of teenagers who fall in love.

The couple soon realise their love will not be an easy one as they have to battle obstacles along the way.

At school, Connell is a popular star athlete while Marianne is an awkward loner who can also be quite intimidating.

The romance between the unlikely pair is sure to thrill audiences.

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