One third of meat in shop-bought sandwiches is unidentifiable

A grim 33% of the meat in shop-bought sandwiches is unidentifiable, according to research in Channel 4 documentary The Truth About Your Sandwich.

In scenes that aired tonight, Helen Skelton investigated Britain’s sandwich industry, including the hygiene conditions in high street chains and sandwich production plants.

She also questioned whether consumers can trust the nutritional levels advertised on the sandwiches they buy.

Helen met up with a researcher named Mark, who shared that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find out where meat in sandwiches comes from.

This means it’s impossible to know how that sandwich is made.

‘We spent a fair old period of time researching where the meat was coming from, looking at packets, internet-based research, talking to the retailers, and we couldn’t find that information for 33% of sandwiches based on all of those things,’ Mark said.

‘We also spoke to the retailers and they said, “Well we know where the meat is coming from”, but what does that mean to the consumer?’

‘33% of meat in our sandwiches come from an unidentified source?’ a shocked Helen responded.

‘Yes,’ Mark replied.

‘Why does this matter?’ Helen probed.

Voicing his concerns, Mark explained: ‘I think it’s a concern because if the retailers aren’t even telling you which country it’s coming from, they’re certainly not telling you how it’s produced, were the animals living in higher animal welfare conditions?’

Elsewhere in the programme, it was revealed that the average sandwich has 25 different ingredients.

These ingredients can come from all over the world and they’re all brought together in a sandwich facility.

The Truth About Your Sandwich is available to stream on Channel 4OD.

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