Outlander: Will season 6 feature major death? Star teases ‘suffering’

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Season six of Outlander will be mainly adapted from A Breath of Snow and Ashes, the corresponding novel in Diana Gabaldon’s book series. The forthcoming outing will be picking up the story from the emotional and harrowing season five finale which saw Claire Fraser (played by Caitriona Balfe) in recovery following her sexual assault ordeal. As the camera panned across the horizon at Fraser’s Ridge, storm clouds were gathering and creating an air of foreboding for what was to come next.

Every season of Outlander has been a tumultuous watch with characters taken on quite the journey.

Season six of the Starz series is going to be no different as Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) tries to protect his family and kin from further dangers.

Nonetheless, it looks like he’s going to have quite the challenge on his hands this time as the American Revolution comes ever closer and puts the Ridge and its residents in peril.

But could there also be death on the cards with more characters meeting their maker in the next instalment?

Will season 6 feature major death?

WARNING: This section contains potential spoilers from Outlander season 6

Speaking at Paley Fest, Outlander showrunner Matthew B. Roberts teased details from the upcoming series.

He said: “Season six, we’re going to dig into the sixth book in the series and I think one the things we always dig into is the Fraser and MacKenzies put themselves out there.

“The reasons why I think they are so affected by traumas and all the turmoil that goes on in the era is because they put themselves out there, they try to help people.

“Whether that’s people coming to the Ridge or them going out to trying to stop something, whether it’s Culloden or Alamance or whatever, they put themselves out there.

“They put themselves at risk and inherently when you do that, you suffer and in book six that happens again.

“There’s going to be joys but as Diana can speak to this, there is going to be drama, there’s going to be suffering, there’s going to be tears. All of the above.”

He went on to address the difficulties of adapting Gabaldon’s weighty tomes and admitted there were fights in the writers’ room over which scenes to feature in the show.

Roberts added: “It’s an amazing thing to have six seasons of any TV series nowadays and knock on wood we get more. But getting to book six, for me, was like for me, ‘Wow, this is such an amazing thing. We can tell this story.’”

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Producer Maril Davis revealed A Breath of Snow and Ashes was her favourite book from the series and read the Outlander books multiple times.

Davis explained she loved the novel because there was “so much in it” for everyone.

She said: “Jamie and Claire, their love. Roger and Brianna, they have their own journey and something fun and new happens with them.

“Caitlyn [O’Ryan] who plays Lizzie has a great story and she’s such a phenomenal actress. There’s just so many exciting things.

“I think all of us are just excited to get back to work because we are truly a family. We have our ups and downs.

“We fight, we bicker but we laugh, and I think we are all excited to see each other’s faces again and get back together and make this show that we all love.

While Roberts and Davis didn’t give too much away, it does sound like there will be a lot more danger this time around.

Additionally, Davis’ words hinted the character of Lizzie could fill in for Malva Christie in the books, who is Claire’s apprentice but ends up taking a dark path.

In A Breath of Snow and Ashes, Malva falls pregnant and claims Jamie is the father of the child much to the anger of the couple, who have taken the young girl under their wing.

To make matters worse, Malva ends up dying and Claire’s attempts to save the unborn child put her in further danger.

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