Peter Andre fears wife Emily will catch coronavirus as she battles on frontline

Peter Andre has confessed his fears for his wife Emily, who is currently battling the coronavirus outbreak on the frontline.

While enduring lockdown, there has been a high demand for the duo to bring back their reality show Peter Andre: My Life, which came to ahead in 2013.

But the loved up couple granted their fan’s wishes with a brand new, virtual take on the programme, titled Life with the Andres.

Over on The Sun’s YouTube account, the Mysterious Girl hitmaker introduced the project where he explained how his family have been filming their antics during the current pandemic.

And things started to get deep during the 15-minute episode, as they spoke about Emily’s involvement in the fight against Covid-19 as a hospital junior nurse.

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‘Emily will leave at seven in the morning and she wont be back until seven at night, and she has to disinfect altogether,’ the father-of-four explained.

Talking about her job, the proud wife added: ‘I come in the back door where the laundry is and I have to strip all my clothes off and put them all in the washing machine.

‘I run from the room out and straight into the shower without hugging the kids. They laugh at me running like 99% naked to the shower.’

Both Emily and Peter are in quarantine with their two children, Amelia, six and Theo, three, as well as Pete’s children who he shares with his ex-wife Katie Price: Princess, 12, and 14-year-old Junior.

‘I worry,’ the singer admitted. ‘She’s my wife, she’s exposed to the virus.’

‘I think Pete worries about me more than I worry about me, I worry about him more,’ Emily pressed.

‘I work in a great hospital we’re really supported my seniors are always there.’

However, the pair tried to look at the bright side of the tragic times we’re living in, as the I’m A Celeb star said (from his hot tub might we add): ‘We’re just sad for the people that are suffering during this crisis.

‘But for those who aren’t, I keep telling people that this is time that we’ll never get back and all the kids will remember – they will remember the summer of 2020, they’ll remember it forever.’

As it stands, more than 37,000 people have died from Covid-19 while there are over 267,000 confirmed coronavirus cases in the UK alone.

Life with the Andres airs Wednesdays and Sundays at 7.30pm.

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