Piers Morgan’s ‘Darth Vader’ snub revealed as GMB star under fire for Matt Hancock row

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Fans of ‘Good Morning Britain’ rose to the defence of BBC Breakfast’s Dan Walker after he was criticised by Piers Morgan this week. The ITV star voiced outrage that the rival broadcaster was not “doing his job” by not forcing Matt Hancock to reveal coronavirus testing figures – during the Government’s latest disclosure. The comments came after Piers condemned the Conservative Party for allegedly refusing to appear on the show that he hosts alongside Susanna Reid. But his anger is not reserved for Tories, as unearthed accounts reveal he branded former Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer Ed Balls “Darth Vader” during his first appearance on the flagship show.

Piers appeared to go right for the jugular during an interview with the then-Labour MP on his ‘Good Morning Britain’ debut in 2015.

He put allegations to him that the party were holding “secret meetings” ahead of the general election and later made a quip about his title – only for Mr Balls to miss the punchline.

The host clarified: “That was a joke Ed, you are allowed to laugh.

“Come on I know this is all terribly serious but you can show us a little glimmer of a human Ed Balls, come on force yourself.”

The MP fired back: “The nature of doing these interviews down the line Piers, as you’ll know as you get used to being a presenter on these programmes is that I can’t see your face so don’t know when you’re joking or being serious.”

The presenters and studio crew burst into hysterics at Mr Balls’ intended swipe that the TV host was an amateur. 

At the same time, the former newspaper editor and US talk-show host continued to berate the MP by constantly referring to him as “Darth Vader”.

The star made a sensational and salacious start to his career on ITV on that episode in 2015, where he criticised a number of people including co-host Susanna Reid.

He told her that she “looked like a giant, glowing daffodil” because of the yellow dress she was wearing. 

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Later he appeared to make condescending comments following tremors in Los Angeles – to which Susanna fired back: “I know what an earthquake is!”

Piers continued to cause friction on the show, after his co-host claimed Zac Efron was the “wrong age bracket” for her despite vividly describing the then-27 year old’s chest.

He sniped back at a then-44-year-old Susanna: “That’s not what I’ve heard.”

The star made a number of other gags at his co-star’s expense, including that she had “deliberately” tried to “sabotage” his presenting efforts.

Piers said: “She gave me a bit of apple deliberately so I would have my mouth full.

“So I would like to apologise to viewers because she stitched me up like a kipper… rendering me an incoherent gibbering wreck.”

Susanna fired back: “It’s not the apple’s fault!”

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