Power show boss finally reveals Tariq’s motives for murdering Ghost after fans brand character ‘irredeemable’ – The Sun

POWER'S show boss has finally revealed Tariq’s motives for murdering Ghost after fans branded him ‘irredeemable’.

Earlier this month, showrunner Courtney Kemp shared the reason behind the youngster's ballsy decision to kill his dad to her 159k followers on Instagram during a Q&A.

Courtney read out one of the comments made about the finale of the latest series which said: "Why did I write Tariq to be so unredeemable? That boy's a monster, he committed patricide.'"

She flat out replied: "He killed someone who beat him up, I'm confused."

The creator of the Starz crime thriller continued: "It's so interesting though, Tariq is not unredeemable to me.

"I think it's very easy to make that – to go there. But if you don't understand what he was thinking about, when Ghost had roughed up his mother, when Ghost had threatened him…

"Remember kids learn what we teach them, what had Tariq been taught? Who were Tariq's parents?

"Tasha (Naturi Naughton), murderer. Ghost, murderer. Tommy (Joseph Sikora), murderer. Kanan (50 Cent), murderer.

"Those are his four parents. So, I don't know, nobody had a problem taking a life when the life he took was Ray Ray's (Marcus Callender), I just wanna point that out."

Courtney implied that Tariq decided to pull the trigger on his own flesh and blood because of the negative emotions he felt towards his dad due to how he treated him and his mum.

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But it didn't stop there, she also explained to her followers why the entreprenaur had to die, adding: "I will talk to you guys about [season] six, [episode] 10, and the decision to kill Ghost.

"There are a lot of people who have given me so much heat about killing Ghost and for a lot of them – like I understand he's a part of the family for them after six years, and I wrote him to be someone to look up to – but, in the beginning of the show, I always promised that Ghost would end up dead or in jail.

"He didn't get out in time. Ghost had a lot of opportunities to get out, he didn't, he made a lot of choices that were antithetical to his stated purpose.

"Part of what I was telling, part of the story I was telling, was if you don't know yourself, if you can't see yourself for, you can't save yourself.

"And Ghost never really had a clear idea of who he was when it came down to it. He always thought he was James St Patrick and he was playing Ghost, but Ghost was Ghost.

"He was playing James St Patrick, and that tension with him always going back and forth is really interesting. 50 [Cent] always talks about how Tommy is a compelling character because he knows who he is, and I think that is really the tension between Ghost and Tommy which is Ghost had a misapprehension of who he was.

"He thought he was a great father, he thought he was a great husband and he never actually saw himself clearly, which is something that is very difficult to do.

"Ghost made a lot of mistakes and he made a ton of mistakes right as he was about to reach his goal. I know a lot of people had problems with it but for me, it was the only way to end it."

Power is available to stream on Netflix.

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