Queen Camilla wont save monarchy as crisis brewing expert warns

Royal expert warns ‘crisis is brewing’ for monarchy due to Prince Harry and Oprah interview

Royal correspondent Jack Royston warned Queen Camilla “won’t save the monarchy” during a heated debate on Thursday’s Good Morning Britain. He warned there’s a “time bomb waiting to go off” and claimed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s notorious Oprah Winfrey interview “fired the starting gun on a crisis that is brewing slowly” within the Royal Family.

The title Queen Camilla will be used for the first time on the King’s Coronation invite, with the event taking place on May 6 in Westminster Abbey.

When she married King Charles back in 2005, it was assumed she’d never be called Queen.

Good Morning Britain host Kate Garraway wanted to know if Camilla can save the monarchy.

Jack replied: “This is all well and good but the monarchy has a massive problem waiting down the line.

“There’s a kind of time bomb waiting to go off which is that, sure Camilla and Charles are popular among older British people but 18 to 24-year-olds have swung quite hard against monarchy over the years.”

He said Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s 2021 Oprah interview “fired the starting gun on a crisis that is brewing slowly”.

“As recently as January in the aftermath of Harry’s book, 52 percent of 18 to 24-year-olds favoured abolishing the monarchy,” Jack added.

“Now this is new, it might feel like young people are a bit more radical than older people but it didn’t used to be this way and it’s a problem the royals are going to have to deal with.”

He later told ITV viewers “Camilla won’t save the monarchy” as the debate continued.

In contrast, royal photographer Arthur Edwards, who was also a Good Morning Britain guest, said Camilla is a “fantastic lady” who is “just great”.

“She’s not lost the common touch,” he added.

“When the King addressed the German Parliament they stood and applauded him for about two minutes.”

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Arthur, who has worked closely with King Charles and Camilla for years, continued: “She has just made him so happy, I can’t tell you.

“From the years he divorced Princess Diana to when he agreed to marry Camilla, they were lonely years for him.

“I remember going on tours with him but he wasn’t the same, but since he’s been with [Camilla] they just laugh a lot together and they enjoy each other’s company.

“More than anything, they are just so good in each other’s company.”

Good Morning Britain viewers were divided over the debate, with many voicing their opinions on Twitter.

Sam Jackman penned: “She has always been the love of his life. She should be Queen.” (sic)

Al added: “I’m a member of the public and I haven’t warmed to her.”

Teresa Sheppard shared: “The monarchy will be safe, but not because of Camilla.”

@Canman said: “I would have an ounce of respect for Charles and Camilla if they decided to pay for their own farce of a coronation instead of expecting the taxpayers to pay for it in the middle of a cost of living crisis.” (sic)

Linda remarked: “No chance, I’m afraid the monarchy is on the way out.”

Carl Newbold fumed: “Never going to my queen and he will never be my king.”

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