Race Across The World winners interview: We were heartbroken by final

Race Across The World winners Jamiul and Emon were ‘heartbroken’ when it came to the final crunch, despite winning the £20,000 prize money just 20 seconds ahead of nearest rivals Jen and Rob.

After 52 days of zooming across South America via busses, hitchhiking and a mommoth sprint at the end, the final moments of Race Across The World were unimaginable. 

Ultimately, Jamiul and Emon found the perfect balance between racing, soaking up the the beauty of the journey and meeting locals who became ‘lifelong friends’. In turn, after meeting a group of homeless children in Sao Polo, the champions are donating half their prize money to the street kids of South America. 

‘The money will just go so a long way to help people in less fortunate situations, especially with what’s going on right now in the world it would be quite prominent,’ they told Metro.co.uk

But seeing a crushed Jen and Rob was a sore blow for the pair. 

‘The emotions that Jen and Rob expressed were heartbreaking but for me and my uncle at that point, we were doing it for a bigger reason, much more than ourselves,’ Jamiul stressed.  

‘Especially with Jen and Rob because we spent the most time with them at checkpoints and we crossed our paths with them the most. The way it finished, it was heartbreaking and we did feel bad.’

Another hard pill to swallow for the entire cast came at the beginning of tonight’s final when mother and son Jo and Sam dropped out of the race after blowing all their budget. 

‘We were so sad when they left,’ Jamiul sighed. ‘It put such a downer when they left; it’s just not something that we wanted, we just wanted everyone to finish together. We loved all of the contestants and it was just so sad to see them go.’

Emon agreed: ‘We started the journey with that lot so it would have been nice to finish it with them too. It was heartbreaking, especially with Jo because she really looked after us at the checkpoints. 

‘She was the mum of our group and if we had any issues we went to her. She was just there to chat to, she’s so easy going – she just gets it.’

Race Across The World was filmed last year – back when travelling in itself wasn’t just a pipedream. Jamiul and Emon have been keeping their victory a secret ever since – even their families were watching along tonight without a clue that the duo were sitting on £20,000. 

‘The only people I’ve told is my missus, she just looked at me and she knew,’ laughed Emon. ‘She can read me like a book!’

‘My brother knows,’ said Jamiul. ‘But no one else knows.’

‘We were planning to get together and watch the final episode but with what’s going on I’ll just be watching at home with my missus,’ added Emon. ‘We’ll do a Houseparty!’ 

Thankfully, Jamiul and Emon are in close contact with their rival teams and even the cast of series one because, ultimately, no one else could ever comprehend what they’ve been through. 

‘We have a WhatsApp group and we discuss everything,’ Emon enthused. ‘It’s great to chat to them all because they’re the only ones who have experienced the same thing. It’s good to talk to other people about it. 

‘We have the series one cast on a WhatsApp group too and we talk to them often. I do think everyone who’s been on Race Across The World and even in the future we’ve become one big family and it’s just really nice because not everyone has been through Race Across The World can understand the hardships and the struggles.’ 

The reunion episode, Race Across the World: Revealed, will air Sunday 3rd May, 8pm on BBC Two and the whole series is available to catch up on iPlayer now.

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