Raven-Symoné reveals she lost 28 pounds and has a 'whole different face going on' after dropping a 's**t ton of weight'

ACTRESS Raven Symoné revealed she has lost 28 pounds and has a "whole different face going on" after dropping a "s**t ton of weight."

The 35-year-old shared the news while on an Instagram Live with her wife, Miranda Pearman-Maday.

Filming the Live while in a car, Raven told her fans: "Pounds down, pounds down. Check out the chin. You see that chin?

"If you all watch Raven's Home literally right now, and then come on this live and see this joint, I got a whole different face going on. It's a whole pounds down journey."

Raven's Home is a spinoff of the star's popular show That's So Raven, and is currently four seasons in.

The TV star added: "Just so you guys know, I am 28 lbs. down. I lost a s**t ton of weight."

Miranda chimed in: "You're incredible honey. You're doing so good."

"Right now I'm doing a 48-hour fast," Raven said, adding "so we're on that journey right now."

Raven has always been open about her weight and body, once telling Oprah Winfrey in an interview: "I lost weight to keep them people from talking to me,” she said. “I got tired and irritated…

"I was proud at the time. I was. And I am. I love my thicky, thicky self, but now that I lost weight, it’s like, ‘OK, wait, let me go back in the gym and get it together.’”

These days, Raven is also focused on her marriage to Miranda – the couple tied the knot in June of 2020.

The pair even got matching tattoos on their wedding day, as they each had a simple design of the letters P and M tattooed on to their ring fingers; Raven's surname is Pearman and Miranda's is Maday.

"My babes, she's independent. She's self-sufficient and she challenges me every day," Raven gushed about her wife to ET a month after her wedding.

She continued: "She's like, 'You know, you ain't that special,' and I'm like, 'Ooh, say it again.' Like I need that; I need somebody to bring that ego check in every now and then.

"We have conversations on a regular day and Miranda knows this for me, I'm moody… I'm definitely very interesting with my convos and she's right there with me, goes toe to toe."

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