RHOC alum Tamra Judge slams Kelly Dodd’s ‘insensitive’ remarks about coronavirus after claiming enemy should be fired – The Sun

TAMRA Judge slammed Kelly Dodd’s "insensitive" remarks about the coronavirus pandemic after claiming she should be fired from Real Housewives of Orange County.

Kelly had previously said she didn't "like" or "know any black guys" while being filmed outside The Nice Guy in Los Angeles back in 2016.

Tamra, 52, went on the podcast Behind The Velvet Rope to discuss all things RHOC when Kelly's "racist" comments were brought up.

"I've followed some of the stuff that just happened recently and her comments on COVID are just so insensitive and even if she did think that, you shouldn't publicly say that because there are a lot of people who are missing their father and their grandfather and their uncle and their aunts and their mother because they've passed from it," she told the host David Yontef.

"It's such an insensitive thing to say, especially with Andy [Cohen] having coronavirus, you'd think you'd be a little smarter than that."

She further expressed that her comments "were bad."

"And I can't imagine that Bravo is very happy about it at all and I'm sure Rebecca from the PR company and Bravo made her [put out an apology]. She didn't do that on her own," she expressed.

"It's mind blowing to me, but like I said, she's the only housewife in the history that I've known who was edited better than she actually is.

"They make her look better than she is. And I feel like she's a huge liability to the network."

The gym owner further explained that she found it disrespectful that the housewives were all getting together at each other's homes and going out drinking during a pandemic.

However, a few days ago, Tamra and Vicki Gunvalson also got together with some of their closest friends to celebrate their potential new show.

The two former housewives had met up at a wine bar and were surrounded by friends – all ignoring social distancing rules.

Just yesterday, Tamra went on Instagram to say that Kelly should be fired for her insensitive comments about the coronavirus pandemic and previous racist comments.

And following the axing of other Bravo stars for past racist actions, Tamra thinks there should be "zero tolerance" towards Kelly.

A fan asked her during an Instagram Q&A on Tuesday: "Do you think Kelly should be fired for her racist statements coming to light?"

Tamra, 52, replied: "Yes I do, that TMZ video is disgusting!

"Bravo shouldn't just single certain people out like Stassi & Kristen. There should be zero tolerance at this point."

She was referring to Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute getting fired from Vanderpump Rules for calling the police on their black former castmate Faith Stowers.

Kelly apologized for her comments in 2016 shortly after the TMZ clip aired.

She said: "I am truly embarrassed. There is no excuse for bad behavior or comments that offend anyone.

"That video does not represent who I really am and I apologize for acting irresponsibly."

However, this isn't the first time that Kelly has been slammed for her comments.

Back in May, she was forced to apologize after she claimed that COVID was "God's way of thinning out the herd" and saying that even if she did it get it, she wouldn't die from it.

After outraged fans slammed the TV personality, she told her Instagram followers: “I want to give a public apology.

“When I wrote that it was God's way of thinning the herd, that's not what I meant. What I meant was, do these pandemics happen because it's God way?

"I'm not God. I'm not insensitive. I feel bad for all of the families that have lost loved ones. I do think we should all stay home and protect everybody.

“That's not what I meant, and I want to apologize to anyone who got offended. Okay? I’m sorry,” she said.

The mom-of-one doubled down on her sorry plea and continued: “So for anybody who felt offended by my stupid writing of God thinning the herd… I am just asking a question.

“Is it God's way of thinning the herd? I don't know. I just feel bad and my choice of words were stupid, and I hope you guys can all forgive me for saying something so ridiculous and so stupid.

“So again, please accept my apology and I feel bad for everybody that has lost loved ones.

“And I hope that everybody is safe and protects themselves against this pandemic,” she concluded in her lengthy video message.

Following that incident, Kelly – who is still refusing to wear a face mask in public – didn't learn her lesson and claimed that the coronavirus was just like the flu and shrugged off the climbing deaths.

Kelly said to a friend the coronavirus is no worse than the flu.

She had just ignored travel restrictions to fly to New York to visit fiancé Rick Leventhal and was slammed for leaving her 13-year-old daughter alone.

The pal mentioned while discussing the death toll: “It’s more every day. In New York, we’re down to 250 [deaths] a day.”

Kelly then fired off: “But how many people die on a daily basis? Eight million? Well, people are going to die! I’m sorry to tell ya.”

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