Rick and Morty theory: Will Jerry cheat on Beth with Summer’s friend?

Hilarious sci-fi series Rick and Morty has been airing its fourth season on All4. The series features mad scientist Rick Sanchez (played by Justin Roiland) and his dubious grandson Morty Smith (also played by Roiland) as they go on all sorts of thrilling adventures. A new plotline in season four involves Morty’s mum and dad, Jerry (Chris Parnell) and Beth (Sarah Chalke).

WARNING: This story contains spoilers for Rick and Morty

Fans have been discussing the seventh episode of the fourth series, called Promortyus, which aired on May 10.

They have mixed feelings about Jerry, who throughout the series has been undermined by his father-in-law Rick, who always tries to outdo him.

Jerry’s relationship with his wife Beth has seen its ups and downs throughout the series as Beth is often torn between her dad and her husband.

Fans are worried Jerry may end up cheating on Beth with daughter Summer’s (Spencer Grammer) friend.


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AzureBalmung said on Reddit: “I’m going to lose my f** mind if this season ends up with Jerry cheating on Beth with Summer’s friend.”

They added: “Honestly, that would be such an insane twist nobody could have ever predicted.”

In the latest episode, Jerry sees some character development when he takes up beekeeping and Summer’s friend is watching him from the window.

She says it is “kind of cute” how he looks after bees and fans were shocked when she told Summer she wanted to have sex with her dad.

Some viewers said it was great to see Jerry finally getting some positive attention after so many episodes.

SawRub said on Reddit: “He needs a win for his self-esteem, even if he doesn’t actually go through with it.”

However some fans thought it would destroy his character, who is known for being loyal to his wife.

LumpyJones said: “Oh but it’s such a short-sighted and dumb move. It would just f*** his whole life up. So…yeah it could very easily happen.”

Other fans suggested a running joke could be the fact nobody believes Jerry when he reveals he had sex with Summer’s friend.

The other characters often doubt him and they could suggest he is not likeable enough to have been seduced by a younger woman.

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Parnell spoke to IGN about his character and said dispelled the myths suggesting his character was actually the villain of the series.

He also revealed season five will be on the way in the near future as episodes had been written, however, he was not able to give an official date.

Speaking about his character Parnell said: “It’s fun to play a character who is put upon like Jerry is by everybody else in the show.

“It’s fun to play someone who is essentially a loser, and for better or worse it’s not hard for me to tap into that part of myself.

“The low self-esteem is something I sometimes struggle with. I can relate to the loser in Jerry, for sure.”


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He said Jerry is “undeserving” of the way others treat him, and he had a lot invested in his character, so he could not imagine him as a bad guy.

Parnell said one of his favourite episodes was when Jerry and Beth go to a marriage counselling planet and viewers see a “physical manifestation” of their relationship.

Fans felt sorry for Jerry in the last episode when his family made fun of his honey-making hobby, and some viewers found it “weird” how Summer’s friend was sexually attracted to him.

The next episode could reveal whether Jerry succumbs to Summer’s friend, or whether he will think of Beth before making any rash decisions.

Rick and Morty is available to watch on All4

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