Ruth Langsford leaves Loose Women co-stars horrified with unusual eating habit: Make it stop

Loose Women's Ruth Langsford left her co-stars on the show horrified after she admitted to having an unusual eating habit when she's left alone in the house.

The 63 year old was joined on the panel by fellow panelists Frankie Bridge, Gloria Hunniford and Brenda Edwards as they discussed the latest news and their own experiences.

One of their discussions was about whether they liked to cook whilst at home on their own, as Ruth said: "We were talking this morning and I said, 'Oh, I like to cook'.

"You were all quite surprised because I love cooking, and if I am entertaining I lay the table and all that stuff."

But then, Ruth made a rather shocking confession, as she said: "But all the things I tell Eamonn and Jack off about, 'Don't drink milk from the carton'… but I literally come in and go 'Ooh no one is here', bite of cheese, a bit disgusting actually."

Some of the panellists' favourite meals to make were then revealed, as Brenda's was a chicken leg with salad, Gloria Hunniford had a cheeseboard and Frankie Bridge – rather hilariously -turned out to be a bowl of cereal.

As the other panellists laughed at Frankie's lack of cooking prowess, she explained matter-of-factly: "I always say if Wayne doesn't cook then I won't eat, or if Wayne is at home and he goes 'what's for dinner?' I go 'I don't know what have you got?'"

She continued: "If I am always on my own I just go for the basics of what I know and I have always got cereal. I have always got milk in the house and I have always got some sort of cereal and it is quick something that I can shovel in and get into bed."

Ruth then asked her if she ever took her cereal up to bed with her, Frankie replied: "I have been known to eat in bed, Ruth."

Finally, Ruth's go-to food was revealed – a pot of hummus. She then went on to demonstrate how she eats it.

She said: "With mine, I said I snuffle in the fridge and I go 'what's in there?'

"I don't even sit down, no cutlery, and I literally always have hummus and this is how I go in," before she dug a finger into the pot and sucked it off her finger.

Her fellow panellists were horrified at her actions, as Brenda exclaimed: "No! Urgh! No Ruth! Ruth, not even a breadstick! Ruth!"

Frankie shouted: "Make it stop, make it stop!" before Ruth then said: "That's it from us today…" and she dug in for another bit of hummus as the camera panned away.

Loose Women viewers took to Twitter to comment on the discussion, as one wrote: "Ruth is so me #LooseWomen."

Another said: "#LooseWomen I do that with Branston," as they added laughing emojis.

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