Sacha Baron Cohen Sued by Holocaust Survivor Over Interview in ‘Borat’ Sequel

The Ali G actor who co-produced and co-wrote the upcoming ‘Borat Subsequent Movie Film’ is facing a lawsuit from the family of a Holocaust survivor interviewed for the flick.

AceShowbiz -The creators of Sacha Baron Cohen‘s Kazakhstani alter-ego Borat have been sued by the estate of holocaust survivor Judith Dim Evans.

Evans, who died this summer (20), was approached to talk about the Holocaust for what she thought was a serious documentary, with her conversation filmed in a synagogue in Georgia on 29 January. However, she later discovered it was to be used in Cohen’s film “Borat Subsequent Movie Film: Delivery of Prodigious Bribe to American Regime for Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan”.

“Upon learning after giving the interview that the movie was actually a comedy intended to mock the Holocaust and Jewish culture, Ms. Evans was horrified and upset,” the lawsuit filed against Amazon Prime and Oak Springs Productions reads.

“Had Ms. Evans been informed about the true nature of the film and purpose for the interview, she would not have agreed to participate in the interview.”

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Adam Hoipkemier, who is representing Evans’ estate in the lawsuit, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, that while he hasn’t seen the film, which is set to premiere on 23 October on Amazon Prime, he knows Evans’ interview will be included in the final cut.

Evans’ daughter, Michelle Dim St. Pierre, who filed the lawsuit as an executor of her mother’s estate, is asking for her scene to be removed from the film and asking for damages of around $75,000 (£59,000).

Directed by Jason Woliner, the new Borat movie will see Sacha Baron Cohen don various disguises as the hapless reporter attempts to evade those who recognise him from his previous visit to the USA.

He pulls off a series of stunts including a prank on U.S. Vice President Mike Pence by dressing up as American leader Donald Trump and attending an official event.

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