Selling Sunset: Why has Davina Potratz quit The Oppenheim Group for rival company?

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Since Selling Sunset finished its latest season, there have rumours about members of the cast quitting The Oppenheim Group. However, Davina Potratz has now confirmed she will instead be working at a rival company. So what pushed the Netflix star to finally quit?

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Selling Sunset.

Davina has been at the centre of numerous memorable arguments during the first three seasons of Selling Sunset.

When Mary Fitzgerald got engaged and Romain Bonnet gave her a moissanite ring, Davina was quick to point out it was a less expensive version of a diamond.

This led to the beginning of a bitter feud between herself and Romain.

The rows didn’t stop there though as Davina was rowing again at Christine Quinn’s wedding.

Chrishell Stause decided to attend her colleague’s wedding, despite being left heartbroken a few days prior by ex-husband and This is Us actor Justin Hartley.

At the reception, Davina commented on how they couldn’t judge Justin as no one had heard his side of the story.

Furious she wasn’t standing by their friend and co-star, Mary defended Chrishell and questioned Davina’s loyalty.

In the end, Chrishell had enough and walked out of the wedding reception alone.

Why has Davina Potraz quit The Oppenheim Group for rival company?

Speaking to People magazine, Davina confirmed she had handed in her resignation to boss Jason Oppenheim.

Instead, she will be working at rival real estate business Douglas Elliman in Beverly Hills.

Douglas Elliman is where some of the cast members of Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles work including Tracy Tutor and Fredrik Eklund.

Explaining her decision, Davina said: “I’m really excited to be a part of Douglas Elliman and their very sophisticated and global new development division.

“My background is in new development sales and marketing, so this is just a wonderful opportunity for me. It’s just very in tune with my skills.

“It’s not that I wanted to leave, but I had a great opportunity. It was a purely business decision.”

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However, this doesn’t necessarily mean Davina will be leaving Selling Sunset.

The 42-year-old real estate has said despite leaving The Oppenheim Group, she wishes to still be part of the series.

She said: “I certainly hope that I’m still part of the cast.

“Brett [Oppenheim] is not at the Oppenheim Group anymore either, so I don’t think that that’s going to be an issue at all.”

While the cameras haven’t been rolling, Brett left the brokerage to start up sister company Oppenehim Real Estate.

Davina seems to have left on good terms with former boss Jason as well, saying how he “absolutely understands”.

In a statement, Jason said: “Davina has always been a tremendous asset and a valued agent at the Oppenheim Group, and she is also a friend whose career decisions I very much respect and support.

“I will always want the best for Davina, and I hope that we continue to work together in the future.”

Selling Sunset is available to watch on Netflix.

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