'Sex and the City' Reboot Will Not Work Without Kim Cattrall's Samantha

Reboots seem to be all the rage. It gives fans to chance to revisit the characters they love, but with a different twist. It also gives actors the chance to come back to the characters that made them famous. Not all actors want to return, however.

Deadline reports that HBO series Sex and the City is getting a much-anticipated reboot, but one actress won’t be returning to the set. Rumor has it that Kim Cattrall, who played Samantha Jones, won’t be rejoining the cast. Will the show be the same without her, however?

‘Sex and the City’ was the dramedy everyone needed

Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), Miranda Hobbs (Cynthia Nixon), Charlotte York (Kristin Davis), and Samantha Jones (Cattrall) were four single women who lived in New York City. Together they faced some of the trials of working, shopping, and dating. It also dealt with themes like aging, sex, and what happens when your dreams don’t turn out as you’d expect them to.

When Sex and the City  first aired nearly two decades ago, it was groundbreaking. Many of the subjects brought to the forefront weren’t taboo, they just weren’t discussed in polite society. Creating a cast of four strong willed women who openly discussed their dating lives in great detail was unheard of. It was an instant hit with fans, and the show ran for six seasons.

The show has faced some light criticism for the fact that it can be very unrealistic at times, like when Carrie rents an upscale New York apartment with only a part time salary. In spite of this, the story lines were more than enough to pull in viewers who returned episode after episode to see what happened next. It’s a show, after all, and it wasn’t designed to portray real life.

A reboot is in the works

Thanks to the popularity of the show that has yet to die down, Sex and the City is getting a reboot. According to Deadline: “It’s understood that the WarnerMedia-owned platform is working out deals to bring back the classic New York-set fashionista dramedy. We’re hearing that if these deals happen, it’s likely to air as a limited event on streaming platform HBO Max rather than HBO, which aired the original series.”

Fans will doubtless be delighted with a chance to view their favorite characters again, as well as possibly catch up on where their lives are at currently. There are no details as of yet as to what the ladies will be up to, but it will doubtless be filled with drama, tears, laughter, and lots of great fashion.

The entire cast is not returning, however, and this will definitely put a damper on the show. After years of seeing the foursome go through life’s struggles together, having only three of the main cast returning will seem like a bit of a let down.

Kim Cattrall will be sorely missed

There are some insiders who claim that Cattrall won’t be a part of the reboot. Some might wonder why she is turning down the opportunity to return to the role that made her famous, and it’s a valid question. Cattrall has a great reason for turning down the role, however, and it revolves around the fact that she is headlining Filthy Rich.

Cattrall has also made it clear that she wouldn’t return even if she didn’t have another show to play on. She feuded with her castmate Parker, and is done with the entire show. This is probably a good career decision for her, as there are a lot of critics who think the reboot is a bad idea.

Even so, fans are definitely going to miss having Samantha Jones on the show. The writers will undoubtedly be able to explain Samantha’s absence in a way that works, but it won’t be the same without her. 

During the show’s run, many fans felt Samantha was the real star of the series, despite the series surrounding Parker. What’s more, Samantha was sex-positive — her mindset would resonate with younger audiences and she’s one of the few characters people can still relate to.

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