Sigourney Weaver Returns to Avatar for Behind-the-Scenes First Look at Sequels

Sigourney Weaver is back!

The iconic actress will once again star as Dr. Grace Augustine, the head of the program that brought humans into space and into the world of Avatar.

In a behind-the-scenes shot shared on the franchise's official Twitter account, Weaver, 70, poses inside one of the main sets on the planet of Pandora, where the movie's Na'vi populations lives.

"From the set of the Avatar sequels: Producer Jon Landau, Sigourney Weaver, and Joel David Moore revisited the Site 26 Shack to shoot scenes for the new films," the tweet above the photo reads.

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On Landau's Instagram, the producer gave more insight on the shot.

"Had a chance to go through some photographs from production of the Avatar sequels. Thought I would start off by sharing one of me with Sigourney Weaver and Joel David Moore back in the Site 26 Shack set for some scenes for the new movies. More to come," he captioned the picture. 

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The first Avatar sequel is slated for a December 2021 release. Three more sequels are expected to follow in 2023, 2025 and 2027.

The franchisee had to stop production in New Zealand in March due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Landau confirmed the decision to The New Zealand Herald, saying, “We’re in the midst of a global crisis and this is not about the film industry. I think everybody needs to do now whatever we can do, as we say here, to flatten the [coronavirus] curve.”

Visual effects on the films will continue to be worked on amid the filming delay, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The outlet reports the four announced sequels, which are all being shot at the same time, are budgeted at around $1 billion.

Director James Cameron is currently in production on the sequels for the 2009 movie, starring Zoe Saldana and Sam Worthington as well as a new younger cast.

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