'Spider-Man 3': Fans Want Tom Holland's Spidey Suit to Go 'Back to Classic'

Perhaps the fastest way to irritate a superhero/comic book fan is to change the hero’s suit. The suit becomes part of the character’s iconography, and to change it seems like sacrilege to many. 

That’s why Marvel fans are hoping Spider-Man goes back to his classic costume when Spider-Man 3 (whatever it ends up being called) reaches theaters, hopefully in late 2021. As we’ve seen, black doesn’t always work out well for Spidey. Ask Venom.

The history of the Spider-Man suit

Created by artist Steve Ditko, the classic Spider-Man suit has been a red and blue outfit adorned with web lines and a spider insignia in the middle of the chest. (An S was being used by someone else.) In the movies starring Tobey Maguire and directed by Sam Raimi, this was the costume that was used, for the most part. 

The MCU movies, starting with Captain America: Civil War, shook things up a bit, largely because most of his suits were designed by Tony Stark, basically being junior versions of the Iron Man tech. According to a Fandom entry specifically about the suit, the first official suit was essentially the classic get-up. Then the standalone Spider-Man movies started tinkering with it. 

The new suit included an AI named Karen, a female version of JARVIS. What was fun about that was JARVIS was voiced by Paul Bettany, and Karen was voiced by Bettany’s wife, Jennifer Connelly. Other versions were even more tricked out with Stark tech, like the one in Avengers: Infinity War.

However, some fans pushed back against that because they believed that Marvel pushed the “Iron Spider” too hard. 

What do fans want to see?

Fans talked on Reddit about what they want to see for the suit in Spider-Man 3. One said, “back to blue and red for sure, I liked the black but he needs his primary colours again. Would be down for the webwings to stay. And then maybe emphasize the webbing more on the next one? I’d also be down for a new spider symbol. Something bigger.”

Another fan responded to that by saying, “Yeah a new spider symbol would be nice. Larger one would look cool and I agree on the colors. Let’s go back to classic.”Some fans got elaborate with their suggestions, offering up a slew of choices depending on how the third movie goes.

Given that it supposedly deals with the multiverse, the possibilities are limitless. There was even a suit tied to the villain who might be the big bad in the third movie: 

The Last Stand suit: If Kraven is in the 3rd movie, it’d make sense they’d bring this suit in seeing as how in the storyline it originated from, it showed Peter’s start of darkness beginning with him killing Kraven. I can see it being something he makes with whatever is in (Doctor) Strange’s closet.”

What’s the status of ‘Spider-Man 3?’

News about Spider-Man 3 (not the Maguire/Raimi film, but the third film with Holland) has sometimes been confusing, thanks partly to the pandemic, and thanks partly due to the news that Doctor Strange will figure in the film somehow.

He might seem like an unlikely partner for Spider-Man, but many people have remarked that Strange is like the mystical version of Tony Stark, with both characters specializing in snark. 

As of right now, the movie is expected in a little more than a year, on December 17, 2021. According to ET Canada, Holland was in Atlanta in late October to begin production on the film, having completed the long-delayed Uncharted.

Soon enough we’ll find out what outfit he’ll be wearing, and what on earth Electro (Jamie Foxx) is doing in the film, since he was in the second and last Andrew Garfield movie. 

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