Spoilers: Charity discovers Noah has been stalking Chloe in Emmerdale tonight

There’s a huge shock for Charity (Emma Atkins) in tonight’s Emmerdale as she walks in on her son Noah (Jack Downham) trying to keep a distraught Chloe (Jessie Elland) trapped in the house.

While Noah was out getting snacks in last night’s episode, a suspicious Chloe went through his laptop and discovered that he’s been systematically stalking her for weeks and was the one who secretly went into her bedroom and stole her journal.

As Noah returns in tonight’s episode he’s expecting things to be going as well as they were when he left. He’d been impressing Chloe by having tastes in music, books and everything else that were uncannily similar to hers – not surprising, as Chloe now realises, given the amount of information Noah has stored up about her.

An angry, upset Chloe confronts him with what she’s discovered and tries to leave, taking his laptop as evidence. Noah blocks her way, trapping her in the house as Chloe becomes more and more scared.

And into this scene walks Charity – appalled to see her son apparently keeping a terrified girl hostage. What will she do?

Meanwhile at Home Farm Gabby (Rosie Bentham) finds a gift for Thomas. To her horror she realises it must be from Jamie. And the gun cupboard is broken into and a hand reaches in and takes a shotgun. Is it Jamie?

And Faith (Sally Dexter) is trying to get somewhere, but when the bus doesn’t show up she gets more agitated and picks a fight with Amelia (Daisy Campbell), leading to her grabbing one of Amelia’s dumbbells and throwing it through the glass of Dan (Liam Fox)’s door.

What’s going on with Faith to make her behave so destructively?

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