Spoilers: Suzy makes Leyla nervous over criminal secret in Emmerdale

Leyla Harding (Roxy Shahidi) has been hiding a secret over the past few weeks in Emmerdale.

It began with her acting shifty, taking phone calls and claiming she’s incredibly busy with work.

The arrival of Suzy (Martelle Edinborough) also impacted fan theories, with many speculating if Leyla used to be in a relationship with her.

Now, Leyla’s secret – or rather addiction – has been revealed.

Coming up, Leyla spots Jai (Chris Bisson) in the pub and says she believes the drugs in Take a Vow didn’t belong to him.

Leyla continues to lend her support to Jai by suggesting one of their clients could have their hen-do at The Hide.

Later on, it’s clear Leyla isn’t happy with Suzy hanging around but is forced to put on a front when Priya (Fiona Wade) agrees with her idea over collaborations.

The following day, after securing work with a very rich client, Leyla meets up with Suzy behind HOP, who’s holding a bag of white powder and gives it a flick.


How long has Leyla had this drug addiction?

How bad are things going to get?

And what will Liam do when/if he discovers his wife’s secret?

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