Tayshia Adams Wasn't Told About Clare's Ending Before Arriving on Set of 'The Bachelorette'

Last night during what is clearly the actual most dramatic season ever, Clare Crawley went ahead and got engaged to her front-runner Dale Moss (yes, they’re still together)—leaving the door open for Tayshia Adams to replace her on The Bachelorette.


Tayshia broke her silence on *gestures wildly* all of this during an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, where she spoke about exactly what went down. First of all, Tayshia says she got a phone call from producers “sometime in the summer” asking her to step in, but the details are slim: “Honestly I got the phone call and it was more so, ‘Hey you’re the girl,’ and I’m like, ‘I got you,'” she said. “And I was there…To be honest, I think everything was just kind of moving very quickly, and no, they didn’t share that news [of Clare’s sudden ending] with me.”

Tayshia also revealed that everything happened so fast, she literally only had time to go to CVS for essentials, tell her mom the news (no one else knew!), and get to Palm Springs within 48 hours. Oh, and she never even got to speak to Clare, explaining “She had just gotten engaged so there was a lot going on. I wish we would’ve so she could’ve thrown me a bone and warned me about a guy or two!”

I’m 😳. Can’t wait for the rest of this season.

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