Teen Mom fans slam Chelsea Houska's ripped sweaters from new clothing line claiming they look 'itchy'

TEEN Mom followers criticized Chelsea Houska's distressed sweaters from her new clothing line, Aubree says.

They dissed the pieces, claiming they looked 'dumb' and 'itchy.'

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The TeenMomOGandTeenMom2 Reddit account shared an Instagram snap of lavender, grey, and cream distressed sweaters from Chelsea's new clothing line.

They captioned the pic: "I’m sorry but these look like they lost a fight with a washing machine… I like ripped jeans as much as the next gal but these look so dumb."

Others added: "These look like they’d be itchy"

Another follower chimed in: "No one in their right mind would wear these out in public never mind buy them."

Redditors weighed in: "She thinks she’s yeezy."

Some Redditors wrote: "Just looks like random Marshalls or TJ Maxx sweaters."

Others questioned: "Why is she launching sweaters right now? It’s almost summertime. These look like they should be on the clearance rack at Ross."

A third follower added: "Okay, selling $54 sweaters when it’s almost June is weird."

Some questioned: "Won't these just fall apart, and frey?"

Another Redditor shared: "For some reason whenever I see clothing or furniture described as "distressed" I feel so sad, and like I need to buy it because it's distressed and I want to help."

The TeenMomOGandTeenMom2 Reddit account also shared a snap of Chelsea and her 2-year-old daughter, Layne, captioned: "That skin tone difference is killing me."

The former Teen Mom 2 star's bronze skin appeared almost orange compared to that of her little one.

Plenty of fans agreed, as one commented: "Oompa Loompa orange is all the rage."

Another added: "I think someday she'll look back at her pictures and be embarrassed that she was always so orange. It's jarring seeing her next to people with a more normal skin tone."

Previously, Chelsea was slammed for wearing "a full face" of makeup as she worked out in a sports bra and leggings at home.

The mom of four has been trying to get her pre-pregnancy body back after giving birth to her fourth child five months ago.

The former reality star is mom to daughter Aubree, 11, with ex Adam Lind, as well as Watson, four, Layne, two, and baby Walker, with husband Cole DeBoer.

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