Teen Mom Farrah Abraham's daughter Sophia, 12, shows off new blond hair in new photo as she gets the Covid vaccine

TEEN Mom Farrah Abraham's daughter Sophia Laurent, 12, showed off her blond hair in a new photo as she got the COVID-19 vaccine.

Farrah, 30, recorded Sophia on Instagram as she was injected with her first COVID-19 vaccine.

Sophia went through a wide range of emotions – from being terrified to being relieved – as she was jabbed with the needle. 

In the vid, Farrah jokingly promised to give her money after she was vaccinated.

Sophia tightened her eyes before the first shot and ended up having a glass of water afterward. 

Farrah's daughter held up a sign that said: "It's a beautiful day for the COVID-19 vaccine."

Sophia captioned the video: "It’s all emotions on my first #covidvacccine"

In the comments section, Sophia added laughing emojis and said: "Omg I still can’t believe my emotions."

Typically seen with black strands, Sophia switched to a new hair color on the day of her vaccination. 

Recently, Farrah received criticism for her parenting after her daughter posed with a pregnancy test in her hand on social media.

With sunglasses on her face, Sophia held a Modern Fertility pregnancy test in her snapshot. 

The post was captioned: "OMG" and "WINK WINK."

There was no indication that it was Sophia's pregnancy test, nor that it appeared to belong to her mother.

Teen Mom fans took to Reddit to blast the TV personality.

One fan wondered: "Why would the company even do this?! Like who approved this marketing strategy?!"

Another fan stated: "Is this Sophia holding a pregnancy test?! Christ Almighty, Farrah!"

A third person shared: "Good God….What in the actual hell…"

A commentator chimed in: "What in the actual f**k. This is gross."

Farah also recently revealed she will be publishing a self-help book titled Dream Twenties.

In support of her upcoming memoir, the Teen Mom star will be headed off on a mini-book tour.

The MTV star planned on giving out both book and botox at her next events.

Earlier this week, Farrah shared a video teasing what would be inside the pages of her book.

Farah said: "I talk about some really juicy stuff in my memoir, self-help.

"I mean how are you going to learn without some crazy examples I went through. So keep your eye out!"

During the nearly three-minute video, the TV personality received an injection of Botox herself.

Now that the TV star reached her thirties, Farrah hoped the memoir would inspire readers to take their twenties up "another level."

Farrah wrote: "Hope your 20 x more successful then me you truly deserve your dream twenties or a dream decade! Stay blessed & see you soon on your in late June! Lots of fun ahead!"

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