Teen Mom Malorie Beaver claims mother called DCS on her for leaving daughter, 2, with a ‘stranger’- but mom denies it – The Sun

TEEN Mom: Young and Pregnant star Malorie Beaver accused her mother of calling Department of Child Services on her for leaving her daughter, 2, with a stranger.

The family drama started when Rachel Beaver's older sister, Malorie, 20, claimed on Snapchat that their mom, Stephanie, “called DCS” on her because she brought Emerson to a “better, more reliable sitter.”

Malorie continued to fire: “Guess what mom, that first case got closed within a couple weeks & this one will too.

“If ya’ll ever wonder why I have no respect for my mom this is it. She claims she wants to get custody of Emerson & that’s why she did it.”

She ended the Snapchat posts with: “Ain’t nobody taking my kid from me while I’m still alive & that’s a fact.”

Malorie made more allegations in a now-deleted Facebook post.

She wrote: “The person who called said I went out a few nights ago and left Emerson with a complete stranger, which was false.”

Malorie said Stephanie is “no longer” her mother and will not see her daughter again.

Stephanie responded on Starcasm’s Instagram post: "I never called DCS on her. I just take care of Emerson like I’m really innocent in all this. This is freaking nuts.”

She added: “Another thing is now she's accusing me of doing it this time and I didn't even do it. I didn't even find out about any of this until I found out about it from social media pulling it off her Snapchat… So that is very hurtful… and also it is very sloppy of her putting business out there of hers like that.”

DCS did not immediately respond to The Sun's request for comment.

Stephanie and Malorie also did not respond to The Sun's request for comment.

On Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, Malorie left her daughter in the care of her mother to party.

One time, she did not return home until the next night.

Rachel, who is mom to daughter Hazlee, 1, has said on the show that Malorie is “not exactly her role model.”

Malorie has come under fire during the coronavirus pandemic, as she “quarantined away” from her daughter for two weeks after someone at a party she attended tested positive for COVID-19.

Malorie was also slammed earlier this month when she posted a video of her and her daughter dancing to raunchy lyrics.

The lyrics included: "We don't give a f**k about no b***h.”

Malorie was arrested in February 2020 for assault against her grandmother Janice Bollen with her daughter in the home.

In the police report obtained by The Sun, Janice, 65, claimed Malorie arrived home intoxicated.

Janice claimed to cops that her granddaughter went into the bathroom and “fell” into the door, waking up her daughter Emerson and “causing her to cry.”

Janice accused Malorie of "grabbing" her arm.

The Sun reported Malorie will not be prosecuted for her assault charge if she pays a court fine of $288.

Young and Pregnant has been canceled after two seasons, The Sun reported.

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