The Avengers Who Will Be in 'Avengers 5' (and Those Who Will Not)

With Avengers: Endgame bidding farewell to two of earth’s mightiest heroes — Captain America and Iron Man —the landscape (and superhero hierarchy) is under construction. New leaders will come to the forefront, as other — previously pivotal characters — come to take a backseat.

Reflecting on the Marve Cinematic Universe Phase 4 slate — and on events that have already transpired — you can predict the Avengers who are bound to be in the next major mash-up (as well as those who are likely to be amiss). Let’s start with the Avengers who likely won’t be around when Avengers 5 premieres. 

The superheroes you shouldn’t expect to see in the MCU’s ‘Avengers 5’

Thor: Love and Thunder will be Chris Hemsworth’s fourth standalone installment as the God of Thunder. He will be the only hero to receive four solo movies up to this point, and, given the narrative, the film will likely be the God’s denoument. With Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster set to become Mighty Thor, the hammer will likely find itself in new hands, permanently, by the end of the installment.

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Clint Barton’s Hawkeye will train Kate Bishop to fill his shoes in the upcoming Disney+ series — providing Clint a moment in the spotlight that he deserved yet never received on the silver screen. However, it’s likely that he will receive the strong arc he has earned before exiting the MCU, leaving Kate Bishop to fill his shoes when the New Avengers team forms.

Bruce Banner may serve to introduce Jennifer Walter’s into the MCU, turning his cousin into a fellow Jade Giant in the She-Hulk series. However, the likelihood that Bruce sticks around past Phase 4 seems a bit low. His arm has been damaged (likely beyond repair), and his place is among the OG saviors, who continue to exit the landscape one by one.  

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Fans love Natalie Portman’s Black Widow, but all the evidence suggests that she will be making her final appearance in the upcoming prequel. Considering Natasha is dead in the present timeline, bringing her back for Avengers 5 would require some pretty intensive narrative toiling and major historical adjustments.

The superheroes who will save the day in ‘Avengers 5’

Some of the superheroes who joined later and have yet to fight side-by-side — developing intimate relationships along the way — will come to the forefront. Thus, Captain Marvel seems destined to appear in Avengers 5 alongside Black Panther and Doctor Strange. 

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Though Black Panther will likely play a pivotal role in Avengers 5, T’Challa may pass the mantle down to Shuri. Some rumors suggest that Boseman could exit the franchise after the upcoming sequel.

Doctor Strange is a major character in the comics, who even brings The Illuminati together. Thus, he likely has a bit more time left to wield his magic following the Multiverse of Madness, which could cement other-worldly issues and parallel universe debacles, laying the groundwork for the Avengers 5 threat.

As for Spider-Man, if Marvel and Sony can remain on good terms, the web-slinger needs to be in Avengers 5. His connection to Tony will keep a taste of the old in the new. He is a string — a bridge that connects the developing landscape to the original one.

As for new heroes joining the landscape (or rejoining), Foster’s Mighty Thor seems like a shoo-in for the movie. And, expect to see Ant-Man too, for he has yet to receive his third installment. And, he will likely stick around for a little while longer.

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