'The Challenge': Fans Are Calling Out Dee Nguyen for Hating On Jordan Wiseley and Tori Deal

There are plenty of twists and turns already on The Challenge: Total Madness. So far, a few competitors have gone head to head to get their red skulls and tickets to compete in the final. But many of the toughest players are already having to accept defeat. And fans can’t believe that both Tori Deal and Jordan Wiseley, the power couple expected to dominate, are out of the game.

Wiseley has won three Challenge seasons in his past, so he’s not good at losing. But it’s clear that he still has Deal by his side, as they’re engaged to be married. Unfortunately, they get plenty of hate from other competitors. And fans are now slamming Dee Nguyen for her comment on Wiseley’s Instagram.

Jordan Wiseley was sent home on ‘The Challenge: Total Madness’ shortly after Tori Deal

Wiseley only has one hand, but that’s never stopped him from winning physical competitions. Through athletism and intelligence, he can usually outsmart his opponent and come out on top — but he lost his elimination duel to Fessy Shafaat, as it was a battle of grip and size. And he also sustained a shoulder injury.

We know Wiseley wanted to go into an elimination round, as winning would give him a reason to stay despite Deal getting eliminated the week prior. Unfortunately, he knew from the get-go that “pole wrestle” wasn’t one he could win. And Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio and Wes Bergmann threw him in anyway.

“Bananas and Wes are smart,” Wiseley told Entertainment Weekly. “They know: Don’t let me in a final. It was a great move by them. You don’t let me get out of that.”

Wiseley still threw shade at Bergmann, though. “Wes hasn’t won very much, not in the career that he’s had,” he continued. “If I’ve been doing this for, what is he at now, 16 years? Sixteen seasons? Imagine that. Imagine me at season 16. I’m just at season 6 and I’ve got three [wins].” 

Wiseley had an altercation with Dee Nguyen in weeks prior

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Those who keep up with The Challenge know Wiseley has had major issues with several competitors. And on Total Madness, it was Nguyen who really got under his skin.

It all started with the first episode of the season. Deal wanted to go against Jenn Lee in the elimination, and she wanted Nguyen to nominate her to go in. Deal and Nguyen developed a friendship on War of the Worlds 2, so Deal thought they remained close allies. Ultimately, Nguyen sent Jenny West in instead of Deal, slashing Deal’s opportunity to get an easy red skull.

Wiseley approached Nguyen in the house before Nguyen chose West, too. He mocked Nguyen’s prior statement about “shaking hands” in the house to seal a deal — and it obviously irritated Nguyen and pushed her away from helping Wiseley and Deal.

Fans think Nguyen’s Instagram comment to Wiseley is uncalled for

Not only did Nguyen and Wiseley verbally duke it out on the show, but it’s well-known that Bergmann and Nguyen have each other’s backs. Bergmann also hates Wiseley and thinks he’s rude to everyone on the show. So, it makes sense as to why Nguyen is now still coming at Wiseley and Deal on Instagram.

Wiseley posted a photo of himself and Deal to Instagram on May 19. “Us > them any day. – And especially on CHALLENGE DAYS!!” he captioned the post.

To that, Nguyen commented back tagging Bergmann in the photo just to be shady. Of course, fans noticed.

One fan commented back, “why are you on his page hating?”

Another wrote, “why would u be tagging Wes? You’re such a hater !”

Yet another added, “so let’s come on his page, on his post and insert yourself with some drama. I lost so much respect for you this season.”

Nguyen doesn’t seem to pay the haters any attention, as she continues to post what she wants. But she’s quickly becoming one of the most talked-about women on The Challenge — and it’s not for good reasons.

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