The Chase fans call for Shaun Wallace to be sacked over woeful loss

The Chase: Bradley Walsh jokes about Shaun Wallace's book

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The Chase fans have accused quizzing expert Shaun Wallace of throwing the towel in during his latest performance on the ITV daytime show. Some even felt the Chaser, nicknamed the Dark Destroyer, allowed his rivals to walk home with the huge cash prize.

Fans flocked to social media to poke fun at Shaun after the contestants were victorious in winning £9,000.

Some even claimed the quizzer should leave the show following his performance.

@BadSanta6996 tweeted: “Love Shaun, but he’s got no place being a chaser. #thechase”

@funkygibbons added: “I like Shaun but how is he still a chaser #TheChase”

@joy9kat wrote: “I’m convinced Shaun gets paid extra to lose! #TheChase”

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@hjb405 penned: “If I was on the Chase I’d start celebrating as soon as Shaun walks out. Absolute joke of a chaser. Anything in double digits and he’s struggling #TheChase”

Steven Sibbald joked: “I’ll say it again Shaun Wallace must be getting his P45 soon enough. #TheChase”

@Steves_burner fumed: “Pretty pointless having Shaun as a chaser unless ITV want a low cost (9k) win for the contestants. #TheChase.”

Viewers vented their shock as the quizzing ace was unable to chase what seemed to be quite an average total.

He was set a target of fourteen correct answers in the show’s finale but ran out of time to leave the three contestants to take home £3,000 each.

Shaun has been a mainstay on the quiz show hosted by Bradley Walsh and has become one of ITV’s most recognisable faces.

His first appearance on The Chase was in 2009, and he’s been a consistent face on the quizzers’ side alongside Paul Sinha and Mark Labbett.

The part-time barrister recently appeared on Loose Women during their special all-male version of the show.

During Loose Men, he opened up about his life and vented at the incorrect information circulating about him online.

He declared: “I mean I’ve never been married.

“Although, according to Wikipedia I was married to a woman called Martha for about 30 years!

“Marriage is not for everybody but I think as far as marriage is concerned, it’s a wonderful institution that still should be part of our everyday society.

“But, you don’t have to get married in order to be in a loving, committed and honest relationship.”

Shaun revealed his feelings about getting married in a discussion with fellow presenters Jordan Banjo, Ore Oduba Andi Peters.

He continued: “As far as I’m concerned if you’re in a happy and healthy relationship which is based on trust then you should be able to go on a trip with your friends or your family and vice versa.

“I personally think there’s nothing wrong with it as long as you’re happy and comfortable in your relationship and it’s based on honesty and trust.”

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV and ITV Hub

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