The Chase fans rip into Bradley Walsh for repeating 'annoying and tedious' new catchphrase – but did you notice it?

THE Chase fans have ripped into Bradley Walsh for repeating an 'annoying and tedious' new catchphrase.

Bradley, 60, has hosted the ITV quiz show since it began in 2009 and has won a whole new legion of fans as a consequence.

However, in recent episodes, some viewers have noticed he says a particular catchphrase on a regular basis.

Once they have noticed it, they can't unhear it and for some, it has become "tedious".

On Thursday's episode, Bradley uttered the term twice in close succession after a contestant managed to score £9,000 in his cash builder.

Bradley said: "All day long you were a full house of 10 answers, all day long, five figures. You're a great player, proper."

Taking to Twitter, one wrote: "#thechase I wish Brad would drop the 'all day long' crap, it's tedious now."

Another added: "Can we rename #TheChase to Bradley says "All day long" all day long."

A third tweeted: "Really fed up of Bradley Walsh saying "All day long""

Meanwhile a fourth shared: "All day long klaxons all over the place #TheChase."

Meanwhile, Beat The Chasers is to return with an explosive celebrity version where stars battle to outwit The Beast and his co-stars.

The popular ITV quiz show will pit famous faces against the formidable Chasers.

For the first time ever there will be not one, but two celebrity specials.

In a twist to the usual daily episode of The Chase, the contestant can potentially face the whole group of Chasers at the same time.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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