The Chases Jenny Ryan says watching old episodes of ITV show is torturous

The Chase’s Jenny Ryan has snapped back at viewers after Thursday night’s “torturous” throwback episode.

It comes after the 39-year-old star tuned in for her daily instalment of the popular ITV quiz show only to discover it was another repeat episode from years back.

She was seen sporting her classic red hair which had been pulled back into a sleek ponytail with her loose curls flowing down her back.

Now a brunette beauty, the starlet couldn’t help but cringe at her former self as she battled the newest group of quiz heads in an effort to take home the cash prize.

As she watched back the old episode, she jumped onto Twitter to confess how awful it is to watch herself back on daytime TV.

She told her 102,300 followers: “Yes, I do watch my shows back. No, I don’t remember the results. Yes, it is torturous.”

But she wasn’t the only person screaming at the TV this week after one player’s game tactic left many fans at home shocked as they passed through the round with flying colours.

During the afternoon show, the Vixen was joined by Andy, Michelle, Jacob and Allie who caused quite the uproar on screen when she took the brainiac's offer of minus £17,000.

It didn’t take long before viewers swarmed to Twitter to share their shock at Allie’s unusual offer which emptied the team’s money pot so far.

One fan tweeted: “MINUS £17000 JENNY !! For the love of all things cringe.”

Another viewer agreed: “Minus £17k who does that? Yeah, we get the point about getting players back but deducting that much was just daylight robbery!”

A third user agreed: “Sorry, but taking away £17,000 from the money is unforgivable, I hope she doesn’t get through.”

But the professional quizzer soon jumped to the contestant’s defence, as she argued that the Chasers never took money from any of the players in the game.

She pointed out: “The ‘money’ is basically a thought experiment – until the Chaser’s time runs out. Nobody’s ‘taking money’ from anyone, whatever offer they choose. #TheChase.”

She added: “Cute that, after all these years, people still argue with me about how the game should be played.”

The Chase airs weekdays on ITV at 5pm

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