'The First Time' With Jenny Slate

Jenny Slate joined Rolling Stone‘s The First Time to talk about her upcoming feature film The Sunlit Night — her debut as a producer — as well as some of her earliest memories performing comedy.

“The first time I performed improv was at camp, where they would do the thing where you put a bunch of objects in a pillowcase, and then you pick one out, and it’s like, ‘A bottle of shampoo!’” she recalled. “And you have to make up a thing, a skit, right then, as part of an evening activity. I remember being like, ‘Oh, OK, this is the most fun thing that a person can do, and I’m gonna always try to do it.’”

On shooting The Sunlit Night, she said: “We made it in Arctic Norway, just above the Arctic Circle. Kind of a big thing to choose for the first time you’re gonna try to do that — how do you even get a dolly to a tiny archipelago of islands in the Arctic Circle? Interesting task to choose the first time around…I’m just glad that I made it there, because you have to take 50 planes and 12 tiny ferries. But then you get there, and it is astounding.”

The Sunlit Night will be released on July 17th.

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