'The Golden Girls': The Reason They Always Ate Cheesecake and Which Actor Hated It

Many of the most memorable moments of The Golden Girls involved the ladies sitting around the kitchen table late at night eating cheesecake and gabbing. The writers explained the reason behind why they chose cheesecake (reportedly the actors ate more than 100 cheesecakes over the course of the show) and which actor hated the dessert.

The role of cheesecake on ‘The Golden Girls’

The women of The Golden Girls often turned to one rich dessert when they wanted to talk out some issues. In one scene, Blanche remarks, “Well, let’s slice this baby up and see if we can solve our Sophia problem” and Dorothy notes, “Do you know how many problems we have solved over a cheesecake at this kitchen table?”

“The point I was trying to make is that we have had a lot of great late-night talks right here,” she adds.

When Rose says that most of the conversations have been about sex, Blanche remarks, “Well, of course, we do talk about sex, but we talk about other things, too. We console each other, we help each other, we advise each other, and then we talk about sex again.”

Why do ‘The Golden Girls’ eat cheesecake?

During a Disney D23 interview celebrating The Golden Girls 35th anniversary, the show’s producers/screenwriters, Barry Fanaro and Mort Nathan, were asked about the significance of cheesecake.

“A big part of the show was the cheesecake that they ate around that kitchen table. Was there a reason that they picked cheesecake and how did that continue to be a staple all throughout all seven seasons of The Golden Girls?,” the interviewer asked.

“I forget why it started that way,” Fanaro said, but did recall that Bea Arthur, who played Dorothy, didn’t even like the dessert!

“Bea hated cheesecake — if you watch it carefully, you see her moving it around on the plate a lot but it’s not that often that she puts it in her mouth. We didn’t know,” he added.

Cheesecake wasn’t the obvious choice but was funnier than ice cream

While they’re not sure of the exact origins of the cheesecake, it was the perfect choice. “I don’t know. It’s just… can you think of something more comforting?,” Fanaro said. “I guess is what it was. That’s what that was all about, wake up in the middle of the night and eat some comfort food.”

Nathan added, “I don’t remember specifically either but I’m sure the conversation was, as Barry said, in the middle of the night I want comfort food.”

“The obvious choice is ice cream,” he continued. “That’s what you go to… what’s a little different? Eating cheesecake at 1 in the morning is stranger, is a little more decadent. And it’s indefinable why, it just seemed a little funnier.”

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