The Handmaid’s Tale season 4: Serena Joy to ‘save’ June in exchange for freedom

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Serena Joy (played by Yvonna Strahovski) has done pretty much everything she can to get baby Nichole back after she was taken away by June Osborne (Elisabeth Moss), leaving a gaping hole in her life. As June is the only one with some kind of access to Nichole, readers think they have finally worked out who will save June from Gilead. Serena could use her as some kind of bargaining tool to get out of jail. 

Serena and Fred Waterford (Joseph Fiennes) proved just how weak their relationship was at the end of season three. 

When they threw each other under the bus and handed the other into the Canadian authorities, fans were convinced that this was it for the pair. 

But, fans think Serena will be the one to save June, possibly bringing down Gilead with it. 

In a poll, asked: Which of The Handmaid’s Tale characters should return to Gilead to save June?

Serena came out top with 38 percent of readers believing she would be the one to save June. 

June and Serena didn’t share the best relationship.

But somewhere underneath it all, it seems they probably did respect one another’s tenacity.

With Serena now in jail in Canada, she could decide to use June’s name as a way of escaping a lifetime behind bars. 

Serena has proved throughout The Handmaid’s Tale that she is made of a lot more than her submissive nature. 

Perhaps, Serena thinks she can manipulate June and those around her.

If they were to take her in, or get too comfortable around her, who knows what else she is capable of.

Serena could do all of this to kidnap and flee with Nichole, and never return to her past life. 

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After Serena, 23 percent of readers thought it could be Moira Strand (Samira Wiley) who returns to Gilead. 

But, Moira has been away for so long now, and she would have to weigh up those pros and cons to going back. 

Gilead is a dark place and now a dark memory for so many people who escaped. 

Maybe Luke Bankole (O-T Fagbenle) could convince Moira to take him to Gilead to find June. 

Luke will need to decide if there is any place safe enough for Nichole to go where she won’t be in any harm if he and Moira left. 

Emily Malek (Alexis Bledel) could look after her, and be on the watch. But she is still fragile after escaping, would she be able to? 

Who will finally save June and bring her home before someone else gets to her?

The Handmaid’s Tale seasons 1-3 can be streamed now on NowTV. 

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