The Last Kingdom: Why is Aethelflaed jealous of Uhtred over Mercian throne?

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The Last Kingdom is on Netflix now and season four saw an interesting twist in the relationship between Aethelflaed (played by Millie Brady) and Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon). At the start of season four, the pair were clearly in love and they had to keep their relationship a secret for the most part. When Aethelred (Toby Regbo) died and a successor was sought, Uhtred and Aethelflaed’s relationship hit the rocks.

Why is Aethelflaed jealous of Uhtred over the Mercian throne?

The Last Kingdom fans saw Aethelflaed and Uhtred finally accept their feelings for one another in season four.

Their relationship had been a long time coming, as Uhtred had always respected Aethelflaed and he felt sorry for her whilst she was married to Aethelred.

They continued to have mutual respect for each other, admiring each other’s leadership skills and courage, but they fell out over the Mercian throne.

Aethelflaed had desperately wanted to take over from her husband, but the Mercian people did not believe a woman should rule them.

Instead, they opted for Uhtred to lead the kingdom, and he reluctantly accepted, wanting to keep the Mercian people safe from the Danes.

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Fans were shocked to see Aethelflaed become envious of Uhtred, and she seemed to undermine his ability to lead the Mercians.

Her position has always been important to her, as she has been keen to prove to her family she is more than just a wife and mother.

Aethelflaed was also determined to fulfil her father’s dream of uniting England as one country, and in order to achieve this, she needed control over the Mercian people.

Fans took to Reddit to discuss her attitude, with some believing she was the perfect candidate to rule.

Tortoisesarecool said: “Aethelflaed was absolutely the right person to rule Mercia, not sure why everyone wants it to be Uhtred when Aethelflaed is a real-life historical figure…the warrior queen.”

Aethelflaed’s character is based on a real-life historical figure who was the daughter of Alfred the Great.

Following the death of her father, she joined forces with her brother, King Edward, to defeat the Danes in a number of attacks.

She went down in history as one of the greatest Saxon warriors and leaders to have lived, and fans believe her character in the series had every right to question Uhtred over the throne.

Fans discussed whether she was a better choice than Uhtred, and RegularSquash6 said: “Yeah, of course she was. I don’t think people dispute that.

“She was also apparently leader of Mercians in her own rite in history too, so a lot of people just feel like the whole Uhtred first, without any mention of his being related to Aethelred as in books, and without any mention of Aethelflaed or her even seeming interested when the talks first started, and then her swearing to be chaste (which alone was contrived: men were just worrying about her marrying, so she could have just said she wouldn’t marry), was silly.

“The whole thing just didn’t flow naturally in the way that most viewers, knowing the characters as we do, find all that believable.”

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Fans had trouble understanding why the Mercia plot had been so contrived in the series, as it was not such a big issue in the books.

The series is based on The Saxon Stories by Bernard Cornwell, but the TV adaptation has deviated slightly from the source material in parts.

For those fans who felt she reacted inappropriately during the Mercia plot, IILaZyLaMbII said: “I think many people are bashing her for being a hypocrite rather than her being crowned as queen of mercia. When she learned that Uhtred was to be crowned ruler, she immediately disregarded it without coming up with a suitable solution.”

Ghostface1357 said: “People including me are annoyed at how she spoke to Uhtred. He’s saved her 10 times over and he wanted that position to keep her safe and she has the audacity to speak to him in that manner?

“Also, they would technically rule together. Uhtred would take her advice and counsel on everything and just listen to her since he gives zero f**** about the politics. It just wasn’t executed well at all. We can’t use historical accuracy as an excuse to justify not so good writing.”

Viewers have said there is a fine line between her character being a strong woman and coming across as a “brat”.

Some have even suggested she could become the antagonist in season five if she continues to question Uhtred’s authority after everything he did for her.

Others believe Aethelflaed reacted the way she did as she was yet to have any personal accomplishments in the series.

BlokisTokis said: “She’s either saved by Uhtred, Adhelm [James Northcote] or someone else. She’s always a damsel in distress who everyone risks their lives for.”

Perhaps this was Aethelflaed’s way of proving to others she is capable of looking after herself, as well as her people.

The Last Kingdom is on Netflix now

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