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THE Mandalorian boss has revealed he had to push designers to 'ugly up' Baby Yoda.

Creator of the American space Western Star Wars series – Jon Favreau – admitted he was worried that the alien looked too cute and tried to roughen him up with "weird little hairs growing out of him."

The cutie, who's goes by the name of The Child, took the internet by storm back in November after the web series was first released – and it was all down to his cuddly appearance.

However, the creator of the show and director-producer Dave Filoni were really conscious of the fact that he resembled something actually quite adorable and underwent a long process to get the design perfect.

During an interview with Vanity Fair, he said: "All the drawings originally were very cute, even with the merchandising, they were always trying to soften the rough edges on him.

"We really tried to look at how much we could ugly up all the different individual features."

So the duo sent back various sketches that resembled "Disney proportions" such as rosy cheeks and made sure that his teeth had super sharp ends to make him look more alien like.

But despite all their efforts to shake up his adorable look, the character, who was designed by Legacy Effects and whose puppet cost around $5 million to make, turned into one of 2019's most popular memes because of his adorable features.

Despite his baby-like appearance, fans of the Western web television were shocked when they found out how old he actually is.

When Mando looked at how small The Child was, he couldn’t believe that the creature – who behaves like a toddler – was already 50, only to be told “species age differently,” by a droid.

In contrast, Yoda in the original Star Wars trilogy lived to be over 900 and died of old age in Return of the Jedi.

Reddit user nbrazelton spotted a major inconsistency when comparing The Child’s age with Yoda’s.

They said: “Yoda was 900 when he died, and states in The Empire Strikes Back that he has been training Jedi for 800 years, which means he would have had to start training others when he was 100.

“If he looked the same as ‘Baby Yoda’ does when he was 50 years old, there’s no way he would have been old enough to teach [fellow Jedi Knights] by the time he was 100.”

However, another fan argued: “It is a strange ageing process to be a baby for 50 years then the next 50 they are suddenly fully grown and matured, so I understand the confusion, but given how little anyone knows of Yoda’s species it’s still not really a plot hole.”

The Mandalorian is available to stream Disney+.

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