The One: Zoë Tapper speaks out on ‘heartbreaking’ Kate Saunders twist in series premiere

The One: Netflix release trailer for new drama

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Zoë Tapper stars as detective Kate Saunders in a brand new drama for Netflix, The One. Set in the near future, Kate discovers that a global app designed to match users with their one true love isn’t all that it seems. Speaking exclusively to, the series lead has shared her thoughts on some of the most shocking moments of the new series.

English actress Zoë Tapper has revealed her thoughts on the heart-stopping twist that kicked off Netflix’s brand new science fiction series, The One.

Set just a short jump into the future, the speculative British series envisions a world in which a matchmaking app with a 100% success rate has swept the globe.

Tapper stars as detective inspector Kate Saunders, who immediately finds success with the app and starts a relationship with a Spanish woman named Sophia (played by Jana Pérez).

Thanks to the app’s advanced DNA matching, the pair quickly hit it off over an intimate video call.

However, tragedy strikes when Sophia’s visit to the UK results in a horrific accident, rendering Kate’s potential soulmate unconscious in hospital.

This shocking reveal at the end of episode one is guaranteed to leave jaws on the floor and convince streamers to race through the rest of the first season.

Opening up to, Kate star Zoë Tapper recalled her first thoughts when she read what happens to Sophia in writer Howard Overman’s script for the series.

She explained: “It’s shocking and gripping and brilliant. I loved the twist in the story.”

“You’re set up to think she’s already got a little bit of an obstacle because she’s met someone who lives in another country.”

Throughout the first episode, Kate truly believes she’s about to meet the love of her life as she waits for Sophia to travel across to the UK from Spain.

As the episode goes on, she starts to believe she may have been stood up when Sophia fails to arrive on time.

The series’ first of many devastating twists then closes off the first episode as Kate discovers her partner lying bruised and bloodied in hospital.

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Tapper went on: “When you’re finally faced with this awful realisation that she’s not going to be able to communicate with this woman it’s really quite shocking and heartbreaking.”

She then teased: “And it then gets even more complicated thereafter.”

Once the series gets underway, viewers soon learn that Sophia has been keeping secrets from her match.

Moreover, the effectiveness of The One’s matchmaking starts to come into question as more is revealed about the app’s elusive inventor, Rebecca Webb (Hannah Ware).

Kate Saunders spends much of the series investigating a mysterious murder, and finally confronts Rebecca in the climactic final scene of the season finale.

Zoë Tapper previewed: “I’m excited to see where that goes, because those two haven’t quite finished their trajectory.”

With plenty of questions left unanswered at the end of The One’s thrilling first season, Netflix could have another sci-fi hit on their hands.

The One is available to stream on Netflix.

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