The Questionable Advice a Publicist Gave Chris Hemsworth When the MCU Actor Was on the Rise

Today, Chris Hemsworth is recognized globally as the man behind the Norse God of Thunder in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Hemsworth will come to play the character for over a decade when all is said and done; he joining Kenneth Branagh’s Shakesperean-inspired portrayal as the lead in the character’s 2011 first outing. 

From multiple mash-ups to three solo installments and an upcoming fourth, Hemsworth and Thor are intimately connected. Thus, it should come as no surprise that the actor has since gone on to star in a handful of machismo-esque roles — 12 Strong, In the Heart of the Sea, Snow White and the Huntsmen, and more. Yet, though playing the kind of leading man that many are often fond of and attracted to, Hemsworth never quite boasted the bachelor-type lifestyle often associated with such an on-screen presence. 

In an interview with GQ, Chris Hemsworth even explained that his family was a bit “jarred” to see him in such “hypermasculine” roles, as the personality doesn’t align with the soft, family man behind the character. Yet, as far as a publicist who met Chris Hemsworth was concerned, he would be more of a Leonardo DiCaprio type when first emerging. 

MCU star Chris Hemsworth on his public presence and a publicist’s early advice

Though not his own publicist — as the person would have likely been quickly dismissed — someone once advised Hemsworth, back in the day, to keep his private life on the down-low. Yet, not because it was salacious and gossip-worthy…because it wasn’t. A publicist once said, according to Hemsworth: 

The more they know about you, the harder it is for people to believe your character…They want to believe the fantasy that that could be them on the screen in that situation, doing whatever.

The MCU star was already married to Elsa Pataky when his celebrity status began to hit unforeseen heights. The two wed in 2010, and Thor didn’t hit cinemas until 2011.

The publicist seemed to think that viewers would want to believe his character — the superhero, modern take on Fabio — was in line with his real-life persona. Yet, such was not the case; he wasn’t single. He wanted a family. He was an emotionally present man starting to settle into his role as a husband and soon-to-be father…not the swoon-worthy bachelor who fell for Natalie Portman on the silver screen. 

Hemsworth explained that he went on to try this bad boy type guy on for size for a brief moment. It didn’t really work out. The man he was expected to portray wasn’t who he was; he couldn’t identify with the public persona he was led to believe would benefit him more than his true identity.

Today, Hemsworth is happily married. He has a beautiful family. And, as for his fans, they seem to love him more for it. Hollywood is changing (albeit slowly), and that publicist was likely stuck giving advice amid the sea change — at the start of cultural shift that would be hard to predict.

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