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EASTENDERS actress Nina Wadia was awarded an OBE for her role in the iconic BBC One show.

But who is she married to? Here's what we know.

Who is Nina Wadia's husband Raiomond Mirza?

Raiomond Mirza is a composer and producer, known for films Four, Manorama: Six Feet Under, and Vincent, according to imbd.

Also parsi like Nina, they married on July 4, 1998.

How did Nina Wadia and Raiomond Mirza meet?

Nina and Raiomond met in Canada, and after being together just for just months,they married in a traditional parsi wedding.

She wore a deep red sari with silver trimming at her wedding and then changed into an ivory sari with gold trimming for the reception.

It reported that they didn't go on their honeymoon until three years after they married when they went to the Maldives.

They renewed their wedding vowson a beach in Mauritius on their 10th wedding anniversary with their children and a small group of friends.

Do Nina Wadia and Raiomond Mirza have any children?

They have two children, Tia Nina born in November 2003 and son Aidan born in January 2007.

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