The View alum Candace Cameron Bure says daytime show was her ‘toughest job’ for constantly ‘fighting’ to voice opinions – The Sun

CANDACE Cameron Bure has revealed that throughout her varied career on television, her role as co-host on talk show The View was the “most difficult” she’s ever had.

The star opened up about how tough it was to always feel like “you’re fighting to speak your opinion.”

Although Candace left The View in 2016 after just two seasons, she’s recently spoken about the role that saw her co-host alongside Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Raven-Symone, Michelle Collins, Paula Faris, Sara Haines, Jedidiah Bila and Sunny Hostin.

Talking candidly about the show in the May issue of Good Housekeeping, she said: "That was a super tough job.

"It helped me grow a lot, but that was the most difficult job I've had to date… you always feel like you're fighting to speak your opinion."

She left the show shortly after Raven, citing her work on Netflix's "Full House" revival, other TV projects and the constant bicoastal travel as reasons for her exit.

Candace told the magazine that keeping up on all the political stories was "tiring," and noted her conservative POV made it "harder" to get her points across to the show's more liberal audience and co-hosts.

The "Fuller House" star was a co-host on the morning show for just two seasons from 2015-2016.

Candace revealed that going forward, she'd be down for more talk shows in the future – but only if it's "a little lighter and more fun" than the ABC series.

The 44-year-old also spoke to the magazine about the end of "Fuller House," which will come to a close after the final nine episodes drop later this year.

"If I am forever known as D.J. Tanner and everyone's big sister, I will be thrilled and happy," she said.

"Full House and Fuller House have brought so much joy, comfort, and love to so many people. There's nothing more I want to be associated with than wonderful and positive things. I embrace the show as an adult just as I embraced it back when I was 10 years old."

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