The Wanted's Tom Parker and wife Kelsey say newborn son is 'light at the end of our tunnel' after brain cancer diagnosis

THE Wanted's Tom Parker and his wife Kelsey have unveiled their newborn son Bodhi to the world.

Tom, 32, is battling a terminal brain tumour after being diagnosed with stage 4 glioblastoma and the couple described their new son as "light at the end of our tunnel".

“It was so nice. I cried my eyes out,” Tom described about the moment he first got to hold Bodhi.

Kelsey, 30, gave birth to their second baby in October, but have kept mum about his arrival until now.

The couple opened up about their tough year and how they chose the name Bodhi because "it goes perfectly with our situation right now".

Bodhi is a younger brother to 16-month-old Aurelia and is already proving to be a lot different to his older sister.

"He is the perfect baby – especially compared to having Aurelia first. I barely even know I’ve got him,” Kelsey told Ok!

Tom added: “He’s so chilled. He’s so different to Aurelia – she was always very active.”

The unique Sanksrit means enlightenment and ties into the Buddhist belief of spiritual awakening and freedom from the cycle of life.

"So it just goes perfectly with our situation right now. He’s the light at the end of our tunnel," Kelsey explained.

"Tom didn’t want the name. I said, ‘Tom, I don’t care what you say – we’re having Bodhi and that’s it.’”

Kelsey had a unique labour after her waters broke while the pair were enjoying an episode of Towie.

“Bodhi’s labour started during Towie At 10pm my waters broke and then nothing happened," she said.

"I rang my mum and she said, 'Get some sleep, then ring me'. I rang her at 7am and said, 'Nothing’s happened'.

"I rang the midwife, they came and checked me because I really wanted a home birth, but there was no sign of the baby."

Even though the labour took a while, once Bodhi decided to enter the world it all happened very fast.

“When I gave birth it all happened quite quickly – my birth time was 30 minutes.”

The hospital allowed Tom to stay with his wife throughout the labor despite Covid restrictions, with Kelsey saying, "the NHS was absolutely amazing."

"He was there the whole time. They even allowed him to stay over the night," she said.

Kelsey admitted that Tom is the more emotional of the pair, but she could not contain her tears at seeing her husband overcome with emotion.

“Tom’s emotional anyway, and I’m the harder one." she said.

"But I was so overwhelmed when he was born, because it happened so quickly. When the baby’s on you, you’re like, ‘I can’t believe it!’ We were all crying.”

The couple had hoped to keep Bodhi's birth under wraps until their interview with Ok! but Tom's former The Wanted bandmate pal Max George let slip last month.

Although Tom had not addressed his newborn's birth publicly at the time,Max told ITV's Lorraine: "I spoke to him yesterday. He's doing good, he's doing great.

"Kelsey gave birth to their second child last week so he is a fighter. Tom will be alright.

"If you're watching I love you all."

Tom previously revealed he thought he had "man flu" before being delivered the devastating news about his inoperable brain tumour.

Tom's wife last week shared a snap of them kissing on a day out with their 15-month-old daughter ahead of welcoming their second child.

Kelsey wrote: "We really are still so overwhelmed by all your positive messages, love and support.

"Positivity is the way to fight this. Today we had a family day before our family of 3 become a family of 4!!! Let's go – Parkers against the world."

Tom has already begun his six weeks of chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment since his shocking diagnosis.

After telling fans about his brain tumour battle, Tom said: "We truly are overwhelmed with everyone’s love, support and positivity.

"We have had so many people reach out with positive stories and it’s been incredible."

Singer and TV star Tom has taken part in Celebrity MasterChef, The Jump and The Real Full Monty since The Wanted went on hiatus in 2014.

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