There were tears The Splits Fiona Button reflects on really sad ending

The Split: Trailer for season 3 of BBC divorce drama

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The Split is the hit BBC series that follows the lives of the Defoes, a family of female divorce lawyers. As the drama unravels the group of women are forced to face issues within their own relationships. The third and final season premieres on Monday night and one of its stars, Fiona Button, has opened up on the show coming to an end.

Fiona plays Rose Defoe, the youngest of the three Defoe sisters, in the popular legal drama.

Chatting about the final season, Fiona opened up about how she felt filming her final scenes.

When asked what it was like wrapping on the show, knowing it was the end, the actress confessed: “It was emotional, it really was.”

She revealed there were mixed emotions on set for the last day as they bid farewell to the legal drama.

Fiona explained: “We were all really sad but elated too, and there was a big party and that was great, and we celebrated it but there were tears!

“I do feel that The Split has been a really beautiful triumvirate and that was always Abi’s [Morgan] intention and I think the end of series three is great.

“It’s what it should be,” the actress teased, hinting the finale will leave fans satisfied.

When asked about the hardest part of playing Rose to let go, Fiona remarked: “Ah it’ll be that family dynamic!

“As with all these things, life imitates art and you develop these relationships off-screen as well as on, and I’m going to miss that.”

Speaking highly of her co-stars, Fiona remarked: “I’ll miss working with people I really love.

“We’ll still stay in touch obviously and we are very much in touch, but getting to come to set every day and see those people and just hanging out together, is the joy, the dream.

“Not only that, the material that you’re working on is special too and so are the people behind the camera,” she added.

Fiona described her time working on The Split as like “being in a family”.

Reflecting fondly on her bond with the cast and crew of The Split, the actress confessed: “I’ll really miss that.”

Season two of the legal drama was packed with shocking twists and turns that left Hannah (Nicola Walker) and Nathan’s (Stephen Mangan) marriage in jeopardy.

Meanwhile, Nina ended the series by choosing to keep her baby after finding out she’s pregnant.

As a result, season three promises to provide lots more drama as the stories of the Defoe family come to an end.

However, series creator Abi Morgan has revealed there could be a happy ending for one couple in the drama.

“We’re building towards a marriage. Whose marriage could it be? It could be anybody’s, so I’m excited about that,” Abi told Radio Times.

The Split’s third and final season premieres Monday at 9pm on BBC One.

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