This Morning fans furious as phone in caller 'Lisa' moans lockdown has 'ruined her affair'

THIS Morning fans were left up in arms after a viewer moaned about how lockdown has ruined her affair.

'Lisa' was one of several viewers looking for advice about maintaining their relationships during today's phone-in as another lockdown comes into effect on Thursday, November 5.

However, 'Lisa's' email was sure to stand out from the rest as she asked for agony aunt Vanessa Feltz's help on how to lockdown-proof her affair after it crumbled under the first.

Host Phillip Schofield read out: "This is Lisa, and Lisa says, 'I was having an affair for about a year and the first lockdown ruined it.

"We tried to hold on but the thought of him and his wife getting closer again was tearing me apart so I called it off.

"When lockdown lifted we tried to get back to where were but now I'm so scared I'll lose him again. What shall I do?"

Stunned by the query, Vanessa responded: "I think say, 'bye, bye'. I think this is the end of this affair don't you?

"I mean because it doesn't look like it has legs, you're scared he's with his wife, you're scared he's close with her.

"He's obviously not suggesting leaving his wife and building a new life with our lovely viewer is he?" she added frankly.

Phil's co-host Holly Willoughby also weighed in on the chat and shared: "Is that enough for you? Is that what you really want?"

Delivering a hard truth, Vanessa said: "I reckon if it had a future, you and he would be saying, 'that lockdown was such a terrible thing when we were separated. Neither of us could bare it. We're going to have to come clean and make a life together'.

"But that didn't happen, you carried on your sneaky affair and a bit, that's not much is it? Gives you plenty of time to think what really matters in life.

"Maybe skulking behind somebody's wife's back isn't the ideal thing? And he doesn't seem to want to put the illicit side of it to an end either.

She concluded: "Maybe he likes the fact nobody knows about it, which you probably don't enjoy yourself so end it and when you come out of lockdown find someone who is exclusively and only yours."

And it wasn't just Phil, Holly and Vanessa stunned by 'Lisa's' question but many at home, who took to Twitter to share their opinions.

One viewer penned: "'Lockdown is ruining my affair…' Good! Maybe you can use these 4 weeks to find your moral compass #ThisMorning".

"Lisa on @thismorning needs a shake," another penned. "She’s rang up their agony aunt to ask how she is going to maintain a relationship with the guy she has been HAVING AN AFFAIR WITH 😳

"She’s worried the lockdown will make him grow close to his wife again hahaha wow."

A third teasingly shared: "Damn you Corona, coming here and ruining Lisa's affair #thismorning".

"Caught a section of this morning today discussing relationship advice for during lockdown, a woman has genuinely contacted them to say she’s worried about the affair she’s been having for over a year," an angered fan penned.

"Don’t think that’s what Vanessa Phelps was asking about really hun".

A fifth: "'Lockdown is ruining my affair' I think actual the question should have been 'lockdown is ruining my sex life.' The poor wife though #ThisMorning".

The query comes days after Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a tough one-month nationwide lockdown in light of local restrictions failing to sufficiently reduce infections.

The new rules will come into place on Thursday November 5 and remain for four weeks, ending on Wednesday December 2.

Non-essential businesses will shut, people will be banned from meeting others and everyone will be ordered again to work from home.

Personal care facilities such as hair, beauty and nail salons, tattoo parlours, spas, massage parlours, body and skin piercing services, non-medical acupuncture, and tanning salons will all close.

Hospitality venues like restaurants, bars and pubs must close, but can still provide takeaway and delivery services. However, takeaway of alcohol will not be allowed.

People in England will only be allowed to leave their home for education, if they can't work from home, exercise, volunteering, medical reasons, shop for food and essentials and caring to the vulnerable.

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