This Morning fans in hysterics at interview with viewer's pet cow who 'loves watching The Chase but hates Loose Women'

THIS Morning fans were left in hysterics today as Alison Hammond and Dermot O'Leary interviewed a viewer whose pet cow "loves watching The Chase – but hates Loose Women."

Fans of the show were stunned to see the farmyard animal occupying her owner's front room, with snaps showing the cow enjoying watching TV.

The two hosts introduced Honey the cow and her owner Molly in Devon, with Molly seen grooming her large pet as they sat in the living room.

Molly, who lives on a farm, explained that they brought Honey into the home when she was born last March as she was very weak and they didn't know if she would survive.

However, she has since come on leaps and bounds – and Molly has no plans of moving the cow outside in the future.

Discussing Honey's love of TV, she explained: "She just stands in front of the TV and her ears are pricked.

"She's watching it, it's like she's in a trance."

Dermot then asked why Honey loves The Chase so much specifically – as well as asking which shows Honey isn't so keen on.

Molly explained: "I think it's the different sounds and different lights.

"She's not so keen on the dark ones or scary ones."

With Honey turning her back to the camera, Alison exclaimed: "I feel like she doesn't like This Morning to be honest with you!" before the hosts asked if the cow enjoyed Loose Women.

Molly sheepishly admitted: "The other day she was in here and it was on and she wasn't interested in watching that so I had to put The Chase on."

Those watching at home couldn't believe the scenes, and found the entire situation hilarious.

Taking to Twitter, one fan posted a screenshot from the chat and wrote: "THIS IS WHY I LOVE DAYTIME TV. And no-one does it better than the UK…"

Another giggled: "Sometimes i don’t feel like British daytime TV is real."

A third shared a string of crying with laughter emojis as they wrote: "Honey The Cow loves to watch The Chase, haha brilliant."

One more gasped: "Are you serious? A cow in the living room!"

Others were pleased to have something other than coronavirus on their screens, with one viewer tweeting: "Enough of Covid… More cows watching quiz shows."

Another agreed: "So lovely waking up to a cow who loves #TheChase!!"

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