This Morning’s kitchen fails round-up leave viewers stunned as young Holly Willoughby screeches at naked Gino D’Campo – The Sun

THIS Morning's kitchen fails leave viewers stunned as young Holly Willoughby screams at naked Gino D'Campo.

The ITV lunctime show entertained fans with a throwback of their worst kitchen segments after John Torode set a dish cloth on fire last week.

Cheeky Gino cropped up a few times after making the presenters cackle live on air with one quip: "If my grandmother had wheels, she'd be a bike"

But his funniest clip saw the Italian chef strip totally naked in 2016 as he cooked pasta for viewers.

Holly didn't know where to look and Phil was left baffled when Gino said he was warming his cockles with a knitted sock.

Viewers loved seeing Holly from ten years ago and said she looks even younger today.

One viewer said: "Holly looked older then than now in that montage cooking fail"

Another said: "#ThisMorning Holly you look lovely in that yellow dress you always wear such nice clothes xxx"

And fans loved seeing Alison Hammond's pan slip off her hob.

The presenters were left in hysterics earlier this month when carnage ripped through their segment.

Holly told John Torode to go lie in a "dark room" to calm down after the fire.

Fans also thought it was hilarious, with one saying: "Absolute carnage on #ThisMorning absolutely love this programme."

A second wrote: "John Torro setting his kitchen on fire on This Morning is genuinely one of the funniest things I've seen in ages."



Holly and Phil were left in shock


They later clarified that the squirrel wasn't harmed at all – and was happily running about Emma afterwards.

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