Tipping Point’s Ben Shephard mocks player after blunder ‘Not listening’

Tipping Point: Contestant ‘embarrassed’ by answer

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Ben Shephard welcomed four new contestants on to ITV’s Tipping Point, as they battled it out for a chance of winning the maximum jackpot of £20,000. Shane, Ellie, Rob and Carol were the players competing to reach the final. However, Ben couldn’t help but laugh when one player made an embarrassing mistake.

Carol got the game off to a good start as she correctly answered the first question and she decided to pass her go over to Rob who put the first counter into the machine.

Rob chose drop zone three and managed to get two counters over the tipping point, securing £100 for his bank.

He then got the second question right and placed a counter in drop zone four, but unfortunately wasn’t successful.

Next, contestant Ellie had her first drop into the machine and bagged herself eight counters meaning £400 in her bank.

When round one came to an end Ellie was in the lead with £1000, followed by Carol with £600 and Shane with £550.

Unfortunately, with just £100 Rob was in last place and sadly became the first player to be booted out of the competition.

Ellie, Carol and Shane continued on to round two with Ben firing more tough questions at them.

Carol struggled as she stumbled on a politics question and didn’t manage to get much more money out of the Tipping Point machine throughout the round.

Round two came to a conclusion with Ellie still holding on to her lead with a total of £1,850 in her bank.

Sadly, Carol’s slip-ups had left her in last place with only £650 and she was knocked out of the game.

Ellie and Shane were the last two players battling it out in the third round, but Ellie made a big mistake on one question.

Ben asked her: “On a standard qwerty keyboard which number shares its place with an Asterix?”

Ellie elected to play the question herself instead of passing it over to Shane.

However, she made a big blunder as she gave her answer as the letter A.

Ben looked puzzled by her answer and tried to hold back his laughter as he said: “Ellie has gone with A”

Quickly realising her mistake, Ellie exclaimed: “I’m not listening!”

Ben asked Shane what he would have said and he revealed he would have gone with the number eight.

And those watching at home saw the host teased Ellie: “It would have been a start because it’s a number.”

He then revealed Shane would have been correct as the right answer was in fact the number eight.

Despite her embarrassing error, Ellie still managed to win the round with £2,300 while Shane had only banked £1,450.

This meant Ellie had made it through to the final where she could play for the famous jackpot counter.

However, after putting all her counters into the machine, the jackpot counter remained in its place.

Presenter Ben offered Ellie the opportunity to trade the money she had built up for three final counters.

But, Ellie admitted it was too big of a risk: “I think I’m gonna have to take the money.”

She made the right decision as when Ben played out the three counters the jackpot counter didn’t budge and remained in the machine.

Ellie happily took home a grand total of £3,400 in prize money.

Tipping Point airs weekdays on ITV at 4pm.

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