Tipping Point’s Ben Shepherd in turmoil as player makes £10k u-turn: ‘Crikey!’

Tipping Point sees members of the public take on the penny slot-like machine in order to try and win a big sum of money. Player Gary did just that and left with a £10,000 prize but host Ben Shephard admitted he was relieved tonight after the contestant managed to avoid having to take the trade in a hugely tense final round of the ITV show. 


Four new players were on the ITV show this evening as they played against each other to take home substantial winnings. 

However, as always, only one player can make it through to the final round with the chance to win the jackpot counter, which can give them up to £20,000.

Gary, Jess, Jane and Joe were up at the podium today and it was Gary who eventually made it through to take on the machine for a final time. 

Joe was first out the quiz show tonight after a poor start and Jane soon followed suit shortly after. 


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This meant it was Jess and Gary’s turn to take on the head-to-head round which would see just one of the pair thorough to take on the jackpot counter. 

Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be for Jess after a series of slip-ups, with fans commenting on one error in particular, which seemingly cost her spot in the final.  

Ben asked the pair a question on a famous set of literary sisters, with the contestant replying: “I literally can’t name any literary sisters.”

Taking to Twitter, one viewer said: “Jess has never heard of the Bronte sisters, what planet has she been living on #tippingpoint.”

Another added: “You don’t know  my beloved Bronte’s for shame, Jess #TippingPoint.”

“It had to be the b****y Bronte sisters! People know enough to guess  #TippingPoint,” noted a third.

With Jess eliminated from the competition, it was Gary’s turn to take on the machine one final time in the hope of gaining a large sum of money. 

He told the host his ideas for what he would do with the prize, including a Route 66 road trip along with a visit to Japan. 

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The player managed to storm through the round, displaying impressive knowledge but it looked increasingly like he might be forced to take the trade. 

However, in his final go, Gary got the jackpot counter over the line and won its value of £10,000, leaving him elated.

The host made an admission afterwards, telling him: “Gary, I’m so relieved, I didn’t want you to have to face the trade there.”

“Crikey, what a way to do it,” he added as Gary replied: “Ben you have no idea, it’s amazing!”


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Viewers on Twitter were delighted with the player’s win, with one saying: “Well done Gary. A lovely day and £10k to take home #tippingpoint.”

“So pleased for Gary #tippingpoint 10K in realtime,” wrote another.

Well none of us really took much notice but well done Gary #tippingpoint,” added a third fan. 

As the show returns tomorrow, will any of the players manage to repeat Gary’s victory and take home the £10,000? 

Tipping Point airs weekdays at 4pm on ITV 

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